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  • Awesome Trip: Crowded Insane Indian Trains

    Selection of Indian trains - the most crowded train in the world! People stuffed inside cars, climbs onto the roof and clinging to the edges of the train. This is a dangerous sight is everyday for Hindus across the country.

  • Disco Type Beat Instrumental Music - "What Am I"

    Disco Type Beat Instrumental Music - "What Am I" - holiday, christmas, colorful music clip. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ♫✨❄? Beatmaker: Matrioshka Productions. ♫ Disco Type Beat Instrumental Music - "What Am I":

  • Scientists have found the smallest asteroid, similar to a meteorite

    American scientists have discovered the smallest asteroid into near-Earth space with four different telescopes that are on the earth. As it became known, the diameter of the space rock is only two meters. Scientists have named him in 2015 TC25.

  • An Explosion Inside The Cathedral Of St. Mark At Egypt

    An explosion Sunday morning December 11, 2016 and resulted in casualties

  • Pool Fun and Memorial Day Parade in Fontana Lake Geneva Abbey

    Time to get wet and wild on Memorial Day weekend! Tag along with the BANCHI BROTHERS for another fascinating adventure! Wholesome fun family entertainment that is sure to excite and inspire your little one!

  • Can You Ace This "Simpsons" Chiristmas Episode Quiz?

    "Santa's Little Helper. It's a sign. It's an omen!"

  • 10 Signs You Need To Go To A Dentist Before Christmas

    From pies to cake and chocolate, it can be tough to maintain a healthy smile during the holidays. Dental problems are easiest to treat when detected early, so regardless of our busy schedules this holiday season, understanding the importance of taking care of our oral needs before letting that toothache turn into something more serious, is a priority too.

  • What Lebanon boy in 8203 are you?

    Take this quiz and find out!

  • 20 Times Television Acknowledged The Holiday We Actually Love

    Put on your yarmulke, it's time for Chanukah...

  • What Alabama Hall Staff Member Are You?

    Are you Isaac, Pratik, Matt, Alicia, Maddy, Marissa, Wei Wei, Nora, or Grace? Take a study break/procrastinate!

  • Which Member Of The Womansion Are You?

    Take this quiz to find out which glorious new initiate to the Womansion you would be!

  • Which Member Of 1625 Broadway Are You?

    We have no photos together.

  • My Thoughts From A Day Of Living With Borderline Personality Disorder

    I hate having an “invisible” illness. I hate being sick. I hate feeling mentally unhealthy all the time. I hate when my emotions feel out of control. I hate myself. I hate working. I hate thinking. I hate living. I hate feeling bad about myself. I hate thinking bad about myself. I hate being fat. I hate feeling fat. I hate feeling tired all the time. I hate aching all over all the time. I hate not waking up rested. I hate waking up 3+ times over the night. I hate that it’s so easy for me to sleep during the day. I hate feeling all alone. I hate people. I hate being alone. I hate when my dog poops in the house even though I just took her out. I hate when my cats get into my cabinets and break my fine china. I hate feeling like a failure all the time. I hate myself. I hate feeling like I can’t catch my breath. I hate that it’s impossible for me to run. I hate my body. I hate myself. I hate my life. I hate the holidays. I hate when my family judges me. I hate when my family pities me. I hate feeling like my family pities me. I hate feeling like the black sheep. I hate feeling invisible. I hate being noticed by everyone but the one person I want to notice me. I hate that my Dad never really hears me. I hate that my stepmom takes up all my Dad’s time. I hate that she felt jealous of me. I hate that she can’t see that I needed more from my parents. I hate that she convinced my dad to distance himself. I hate that she distanced herself from her family and now they are all awkward around me. I hate feeling like everyone is awkward around me. I hate when people are awkward around me when they know about my illness. I hate when people don’t know about my illness and don’t believe me when I say I’m breaking down under pressure. I hate feeling incapable. I hate relying on people. I hate taking medicine. I hate needing help. I hate feeling helpless. I hate feeling worthless all the time. I hate feeling unloved. I hate feeling unlovable. I hate when people lie to me about not wanting to see or hang out with me. I hate crying about it. I hate feeling sad. I hate other drivers. I hate when people don’t use their blinker, so if you accidentally tap them it’s all your fault. I hate feeling like a failure. I hate myself. I hate that I suck at driving. I hate that I suck at working. I hate that I make mistakes. I hate that I cut myself to try to feel better. I hate that it makes me feel worse. I hate that I think eating cake will make me feel better. I hate gaining more weight. I hate that my body hurts. I hate that it’s getting harder for me to walk. I hate that it’s getting harder for me to stand for long periods of time. I hate feeling like I’m drowning in my fat. I hate feeling hungry all the time. I hate that my clothes don’t fit. I hate that the clothes that do fit are getting holes in them from being worn out. I hate doing laundry. I hate showering. I hate shaving. I hate having hair on my body. I hate brushing my hair. I hate brushing my teeth, and the one section of my gums in the back that bleed. I hate wearing my retainer. I hate needing to bleach my teeth. I hate bleaching my teeth. I hate taking care of myself. I hate feeling like there’s no point to it. I hate feeling like I should be dead soon. I hate feeling like I’m dying. I hate feeling like I’m drowning. I hate feeling like I’m suffocating. I hate my feelings. I hate my body. I hate my mind. I hate myself. I hate that my Mom hates herself. I hate that she doesn’t want to live. I hate that she’s sick. I hate that she won’t get help. I hate that I wasn’t enough for her to get better. I hate that she’s hurting so many people. I hate that I hate her. I hate that she never taught me proper eating habits. I hate how she never hears me. I hate having parents that weren’t enough. I hate trying to find what I need elsewhere. I hate other people. I hate having to give the same spiel over and over. I hate trying to get better and it not work. I hate having a mental illness. I hate having Borderline Personality Disorder. I hate having Depression. I hate having Anxiety. I hate having PTSD. I hate my feelings. I hate myself. I hate feeling like dying. I hate thinking about dying. I hate having to call for help. I hate needing help. I hate feeling helpless. I hate feeling useless. Pointless. Worthless. Lifeless. I hate being me.

  • Dest Wexter Gals

    find out which west dexter gal you are

  • 8 Reasons NYC's "Santa Con" Is The Worst

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good bar crawl. But there is nothing us New Yorkers love more than to hate on things that cause us minor inconveniences.

  • How Much Of A 1L Are You?

    So you've taken the LSAT and you've been accepted to law school (YAY!), and now you find yourself in the mysterious world of law school. They call you a 1L but are you really?

  • 24 Reasons Why Isaac Is The Best BFDs

    BFDs [bey-fer-deys]: noun; Used to describe someone who once was your "bae" for just one day, but is now your "bae" for everyday.

  • Which Member Of The People Currently Studying In ISC 2291 Are You?

    Are you in that particular ISC 3 conference room? If so, which one are you?

  • Which Member Of The Penthouse Are You?

    I mean, we are all pretty rad so you win no matter what.

  • The Toughest Game Of "Which Christmas Dessert Must Go" You'll Ever Play

    It's like choosing between life and death, but harder.

  • Freud Dream Quiz

    Take this quiz to find out what your dream truly mean and symbolize, with the help of Sigmund Freud and his Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis.

  • Becoming A HIV Activist

    Why the AIDS epidemic talk should include you.

  • What Your Dreams Are Trying To Tell You About Your Sexuality (For Men)

    This quiz will sort through symbols outlined in Freud's Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis that represent different thoughts that may be lingering in your unconscious during your dreams and give you incite to your sexuality.

  • 8 Life Lessons Learned From TV's Leading Ladies

    Binge-watching shows past and present undoubtably yields some useful advice.