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  • 10 Best Clothing Brands Of India

    When we talk about clothing, probably the first question that comes to our mind "Which brands are the best?", Here I made a list of 10 best Indian clothing brands that are making their remark in the clothing industry.

  • Locus Of Control - Roberto J.

    Internal Locus of Control or External Locus of Control?

  • Its Earth Day This Week. So Here Are 5 Eco Startups Trying To Save The World

    As you may or may not know International Earth Day was on Saturday. If you don’t know what that means its a day every year when a bunch of fun loving earth loving folk raise awareness for envi-ronmental protection.

  • What Kind Of Non-Freudian Are You?! Grant + Bryce

    This quiz will determine which non-Freudian psychologist you align most with.

  • 12 Bald And Beautiful Girls

    Bald and Rocking It

  • 7 Reasons To Attend Final Friday Ft. Great Gatsby Gifs

    There are so many reasons to attend Final Friday on the 12th of May, so here are our top seven.

  • 16 Instant Pot Recipes That Will Change Your Life

    Because life is too short to waste in the kitchen.

  • Dulcie & Yazmin's Personality Test: Introvert V. Extrovert

    You get to take a weird quiz and see if you are an introvert or an extrovert



  • 7 Things You Didn't Know About Reba McEntire

    Reba McEntire, one of music's most beloved icons, has made her mark on country music. She grew up in Oklahoma and her fate was sealed when she moved to Nashville and began making music. Reba has sold over 33.5 million albums during her lengthy career.In keeping with her country traditions, her stepson married Kelly Clarkson…talk about keeping musical success in the family. Here are some facts that you may have not known about the singer. 1. Faith Hill was not good enough for Reba McEntire Country icon Faith Hill admitted to Larry King that she auditioned to be a backup singer for Reba and she didn’t get the part. “Well, I didn't get it because I wasn't good enough,” she explained. “I don't think it was because -- I don't think fate had anything to do with that for me. I wasn't a great background singer and I didn't get the part.” 2. Reba is obsessed with photography She told The Boot that she loves her photos. “I love to piddle with my pictures. I am a big picture fanatic,” she said. “I love when people send me pictures that I don’t have. I can scan them and put them in my computer, and I am archiving right now.” 3. She turned down a role in 'Titanic' Titanic” director James Cameron had his eyes set on Reba for the role of Molly Brown in the 1997 blockbuster. Kathy Bates was given the role instead after Reba said no due to scheduling conflicts. She went on to have a very successful television series, “Reba,” that ran for six seasons. 4. Reba emails with President George H. W. Bush She told Entertainment Weekly in 2006 that she is pals with the former President. “Senior President Bush is my joke buddy. Matter of fact, I was in New York one time during the World Series watching the game, and I saw President Bush and Barbara sittin’ behind home plate,” she said. “I get on my Treo, and I e-mail him, ‘Hey, I see you on TV. Have a hot dog for me.’” I see him elbowing Barbara, and pointin’ down to his Treo. Then he’s just workin’ on it. Pretty soon I get a message back from him: “Wait ’til so-and-so gets up to bat, and I’ll wave at ya.” 5. Her family believed her death hoax In 2012, Reba was the victim of an internet death hoax that claimed she fell to her death in Austria. She recalled on “The Talk,” “First I heard of it, my older sister called me, Alice, and she said her son just called her crying… and she said ‘I’ll find out immediately.’ She called me, and I said, ‘No I’m fine.’” Reba added that the prank wasn’t a good joke. “There are so many of those hoaxes that are going around that it’s cruel. Now the publicity I got, oh my gosh…but it’s not funny.” 6. Reba made Luke Bryan cry Luke told Entertainment Tonight in 2015 about watching the ACM’s as a kid. He said, “Through the years of Reba hosting it was always amazing. My first year out here Reba was hosting and Capital flew me out and this was a year before my first album came out and I just sat in the back and ate popcorn and I think Reba walked out and I started crying.” 7. Reba loves to go shooting Reba told Larry King that she didn't grow up knowing how to shoot a gun, so when it was time for her to do it in a movie she took lessons.“When I found out that I was going to do a movie called 'Buffalo Girls' with Anjelica Huston several years prior to this, I went and learned how to skeet shoot and trap shoot, because I wanted to be able to look like I knew how to shoot a gun, because we never did that when we were home in Oklahoma. So, I took lessons, and I love to shoot now. It's a lot of fun. So, when I got on the stage of the Broadway production of "Annie Get Your Gun," I looked like I knew what I was doing with a gun.

  • Reasons Why You Should Date A Volleyball Player

    One of the few reasons on why you should date a volleyball player.

  • This Video Of Your Favourite WWE Stars Dancing To Nucleya's Tunes Is PURE GOLD!

    All these WWE superstars and Divas are still way better dancers than me! By the end of this funny, crazy and entertaining mashup you may find yourself dancing too!

  • The Rising Popularity Of African Mud Cloths

    African fabrics are very emblematic of their rich heritage culture. Everything about them is outstanding from rich and exotic colors, motifs to indigenous prints.

  • South East Asia

    South East Asia is a place of wonder and excitement. With ancient temples, bustling modern cities, rice fields, mountains, and party villages it has a little something for everyone.

  • Bring Coastal Charm To Home With 8 Easy Breezy Décor Ideas

    Calm currents, salty breezes, soft sand and charming sound of ocean waves are more therapeutic than anything else in this world. It is why sea always cast a relaxing and soothing touch to our soul. If you love beach, bring that charming beachy feeling to home with these simple home décor ideas.

  • 23 Pop Songs That Should Have Been Worldwide Summer Hits

    We all know those few songs that should've found the worldwide spotlight.

  • Take This Quiz If You Dare

    These are questions you may be able to answer if you live/hang out on Shippee 5

  • Which Strand Of The Cord Are You?

    "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12. Are you more Abbey, Nikki, or Liz?

  • How Whiteboard Animation Movies Are Developed

    Whiteboard movement is the new forthcoming part of today's movie marketing world. Only to make that very clear whiteboard movement and video scribing are one in exactly the same thing. When we first came into the business enterprise nobody knew the best phrases to look for however now since we've developed websites to grab many different keywords it is just a little easier to find whiteboard animation companies. I have experienced some customers tell me they had been looking for months on different search engines to test and discover a video scribing company. They were just exploring the incorrect terms. Allows return to the topic. How do you develop a Whiteboard Movement Video? It is easy but at once it may become very time consuming and complicated. Software: It all begins with a robust whiteboard animation software online . The reason behind movie scribing getting what it is today was the program published by Ken Robinson. He did a speech on TEDx a few years back and it was put right into a whiteboard animation.'Adjusting Knowledge Paradigm Change" was effective and developed a lot of buzz. It all begins with the script. Storyboard and Design: Once a script is improved the next thing is create a wonderful storyboard. This is actually the part in whiteboard animation wherever you obtain creative and set images to the script. It will take 14 days or 6 months. It all hangs on how complicated you would like the drawings. Style Recording: You get an expert voice to history your script. Lots of people prefer to history their particular but we suggest obtaining a professional. They are price the cash! Saving and Ultimate Creation: After the program and the storyboard are done the last production begins. This is actually the part wherever you record the artist pulling his layout. Once that's done you send it over to the video manufacturing staff and allow them set it all together. There you've it several simple measures on the best way to create a whiteboard animation video. Demonstrably it is a tad bit more difficult when you begin to create qualified films, however the steps would be the same. When developing a whiteboard movement video remember to help keep it simple. Einstein said, "Simplicity is the greatest sophistication." Begin most abundant in strong program you can make then function down from there. All the best and look for potential articles about tips on how to produce also stronger whiteboard movement videos.

  • Why I Took Out My Locs

    Reasons I took out my locs.