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    Can You Tell Us A Story In Just Six Words?

    Brevity can make for good art.

  • Jennifer Lawrence Classic Black & White 28 X Image Gallery

    A selection of 28 x stunning Black & White Photos of Jennifer Lawrence.Image Gallery & Edits by Epic only.

  • Try This Super-Slick Secret Santa Generator!

    If you're doing Secret Santa this Christmas, you need this in your life. This clever tool will tell everyone who to buy for, how much to spend and when to have it ready. It's even linked with Amazon, so you can get great gift ideas and order on the spot.

  • Valyrian Steel

    A look at the the properties of the magical metal and how I suspect the blades are made, the details of the four Valyrian steel swords in HBO's Game of Thrones and the fourteen Valyrian steel swords in George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as the many other Valyrian steel artifacts and utilities.

  • The 9 To 5 Marriage

    Almost everyone have had this ‘work spouse’ or ‘work husband’ kind of relationship in their workspace including our former President George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice, his secretary of state and national security adviser. So, what’s so special about it and how does it affect us and our performance at the workspace?

  • 18 Crazy Good Christmas Cookie Recipes To Feed Your Inner Caveman

    Because you can have your cookies without the grains, and eat them too.

  • 15 Last Minute Holiday Presents

    You know why you're here. (Copy and paste the link under picture or press the small 'via' link)

  • 5 Tips on Becoming a Better Metal Guitarist

    Cradle of Filth are at the forefront of the extreme metal scene and have been for the last two decades. The band’s guitarist, Richard Shaw, shared his top 5 tips with us on how to become a better metal guitarist.

  • 8 Types Of Student In Almost Every Class

    We can all think of at least a couple of people in our classes that fit some of these, and maybe even relate to some ourselves. Which one best describes you?

  • 10 Words You Won't Believe Have Made It Into The Dictionary

    Here are 10 words that made me 'Squee' ('an exclamation expressing delight or excitement')!

  • Bangkok Check List - How Many Of These Have You Visited?

    If you’re one of the lucky few to have visited Bangkok already (join the secret cool club), how many of these can you check off from the list?

  • Travel Show feature

    Hi Hope you are doing great. My Name is Aman Chotani, I am a Travel Photographer and I would love to share my travel show trailer on your portal. Here are all the information. Website - I, Aman Chotani, a professional travel and adventure photographer based in New Delhi India who explores the world documenting travel, culture and life. I work on freelance projects with travel agencies like Cox and kings and travel magazines like outlook traveler, travel biz, India today, tlf magazine etc. These experiences include capturing stunning images of inspiring destinations include India, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Australia, and the UK, wildlife projects for Deccan Odyssey, UK news agency - Carter News and many more. I have received awards from many prestigious organisations including The Siena International Photo Awards 2015 (Italy), IPA AWARD, United States in the Portrait Category. My work has been published in magazines and newspapers including National Geographic, Life Force Magazine, KLM I Fly magazine, India Today, Creative Gaga, The Platform, Outlook Traveler, Travel Secrets and Dodho Magazine apart from many others. About the Travel Show Name - Meri Kahaniyan Meri Zubani, Travel with Aman Chotani Chapter one - Uttrakhand Trailer - For the first time in India, we get to see a place through the eyes of a photographer. To accentuate the travel and tourism aspect of Uttarakhand, Aman Chotani paints stories on the canvas of his camera through first hand experiences, which finally reflect in his photographs. These experiences are documented on the show as a visual+aural narration. Looking forward to have a word with you for a feature on your portal.

  • Way To Remove “There Is A Recommended Update For This PC” Pop-Up

    “Automatic Update. There is a Recommended Update for this PC…” pop-up is not actually generated by the Windows OS, it is caused by a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and its purpose is to trick you into installing more unwanted programs. This PUP had probably being installed on your computer together with some program you’ve downloaded from a freeware site. Another possibility is you’ve downloaded a file (PDF, video, etc.) from an untrustworthy site, and that file ended up to be a malware downloader (tip: if you double-click a file downloaded from a shady site and nothing happens, it is possible that a malicious process was just launched in the background). You may follow this removal guide to get rid of the PUP and stop “There is a Recommended Update for this PC” pop-up from appearing again.

  • Cooking Is Only For 'Culinary Art' Lovers!

    Food or art? You decide!

  • Wedding Mannequin Challenge By Drone

    Wedding photographer Brady Dyer decided to take the Mannequin Challenge to a new level at a recent wedding

  • Which The Lion Guard Character Are You?

    Which character from Disney Junior's 'The Lion Guard' are you?

  • What % Highschooler Are You

    Omg I can't belive she said that

  • Best Bike Locks On The Market

    There are many types of bike locks to choose from and the task can seem daunting, but there are ways to limit the search depending on where in the world you live.

  • Finals Stress

    Finals are coming in less than two weeks for most and it can be very stressful. So here are a some stress relievers to help get through. *Results May Vary*

  • The Five Most Important Things Markie Learned In COM255

    CA #12 - My list of the five most important things that I learned in Lying and Deception with Dr. Lucas.

  • #AllLivesMatter At Virginia Beach City Public Schools

    A Two-Week standing LGBTQ Pride Assembly is cancelled in the interest of making a 'more inclusive' event for everyone on campus. Erasing the recognition of LGBTQ bodies, identities, and struggles from the campus.

  • Justice V Grande - The Battle Of The Nickelodeon Starlets

    From Broadway to Television, music to TV made musicals these two power house females have been going at it in the Hollywood scene.

  • How Garbage Are Your Christmas TV Opinions?

    Who does the best Christmas specials?

  • Only The Ultimate Disney/Pixar Fans Will Get 100% On This Quiz!

    If you're a Disney/Pixar fan, chances are you've seen the teaser trailer for their latest film, Cars 3, which has just reached over 20 million views on YouTube. But how big of a fan are you? From Toy Story to Finding Dory, Disney/Pixar has been entertaining us with wonderful worlds and enchanting characters for more than 20 years. You may even consider yourself a Pixar aficionado, but you'll have to put your money where your Mr. Potato Head mouth is if you want to prove it to your fellow Pixar brethren.