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    20 Things For The Person Who Always Has An Excuse For Not Cooking

    Your ifs, ands, and buts are starting to get pricey!

    1. A pack of reusable, food-preserving wrap if you often find yourself getting stressed out about how fast produce goes bad.

    2. A professional-grade nonstick skillet that'll give you an evenly cooked, just-right meal every time — a game-changer for omelet aficionados and pan-fried-fish fanatics.

    3. An incredibly intuitive rice maker (and food steamer) for an easy foundation to every meal.

    4. And a rice storage bin with a measuring-cup spout that'll make a measurable difference in the ease of meal prep.

    5. A sworn-by Magic Eraser, if the mere thought of cleanup always holds you back from meal-prepping.

    6. A set of microwavable nesting storage bowls that'll allow you to eat right out of the bowl you prepped the food in.

    7. Or, an eight-piece glass bowl set with lids that are the perfect size for meal prep.

    8. A pair of cut-resistant gloves, so the process can be as accident-free as possible.

    9. A pair of scrapers, because you haven't quite figured out how to best take of your cast-iron pans yet.

    10. A snap-on can strainer that might seem gimmicky but will actually make you so thankful next time you're tasked with cracking open a can that's 50% juice.

    11. An Instant Pot, because there's a reason people won't shut up about these things: They have seven tools (including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker) and prepare gourmet meals in a fraction of the time you're probably used to!

    12. A foldable cutting board, so you can dump your sliced veggies right into your pot when you've finished.

    13. A citrus juicer, because, wait, there's a way to squeeze lemons without making a total mess of the place?

    14. A knife block that doubles as a tablet stand, so you can bravely face your kitchen with a recipe at your side.

    15. An attachable "scrap trap" with a scraper (think: dustpan and broom for your countertops) that'll make the transfer of scraps to garbage as seamless as ever.

    16. An attachable stopper to put an end to messy spills for good!

    17. An Antoni-approved smokeless indoor grill that's perfect for backyard-less folks who never thought they'd have an opportunity to grill.

    18. A handheld spiralizer that'll have you doing the zoodle dance.

    19. The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook, the perfect book of recipes for anyone in (or out of!) college looking to make a healthy, fast meal without a ton of work.

    20. And a meal-planning pad that'll help you stay on top of grocery shopping so you never fall back into your old takeout-ordering ways.

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