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    Lexi Howard, Please Consider These Titles For Your Play

    Standby Pee, Tokelahoma!, Euphoria: The Ruesical. There's gotta be a winner somewhere on this list.

    Teenage girl typing on flower-decal-covered MacBook

    1. Tokelahoma!

    It's not, like, a play you read. 

    2. This Is 17

    Judd Apatow produces. 

    3. Standby Pee

    A poignant metaphor for Lexi's topsy-turvy friendship with Rue. (And she did say the play was just like Stand By Me!)

    4. Bitch, You Better Be Joking

    We're not! It has legs

    5. Synecdoche; Rue York

    The solipsistic meta-text Lexi deserves. 

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    6. Peen of Admissions

    A plot: Euphoria seniors struggling to get into college. B plot: Cal Jacobs admitting to his secret life while his member hangs out of pants.

    7. This Is Our Rueth

    Starring Tavi Gevinson as a Euphoria High teacher. 

    8. Merrily We "Roll" Along

    Ya snooze, ya lose, Linklater.

    9. The Joy of Panting

    An ode to Lexi's favorite painter-turned-TV personality — as well as bathroom sex.

    10. It's 4 A.M., I Must Be Lonely

    Starring Cassie's bath robe, under-eye patches, and Rob Thomas?

    Teenage girl sitting in an empty high school auditorium

    11. Euphoria: The Ruesical

    McKay vanishes in the second act.

    12. "High" School Musical

    This is the start of something new. It feels so right with a neon hue! 

    13. Too Little, Too Nate

    But he knows all the right things to say.

    14. Sisterhood of the Traveling Two-Piece Set

    Bitch, you’re my soulmate!

    15. David Byrne's American Ruetopia

    I feel numb, born with a weak heart. Guess I must be having fun!

    Teen girl sitting on couch at house party

    16. Ruene

    It has a seven-minute run time. :(

    17. Dick, Dick... Boom!

    Lin-Manuel Miranda isn't the only one making his directorial debut with this source material.

    18. Bye Bye ShyGuy

    Guess Maddy will always ca-a-a-a-are!

    19. Nateline

    Remember Tyler from Season 1? Lexi investigates.

    20. Full Frontal Rue-dity

    A celebration of male nudity in the Euphoria CU.

    Teen girl lying on couch with curlers in her hair

    21. Love Trumps Nate

    Lock him up!

    22. Rue Paul's Drug Race

    If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

    23. Ruetiful: The Carole King Musical

    "We gotta get out of this place," Rue croons to Jules. 

    24. Kats

    Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson play romantically entangled Jellicles. 

    25. First Rueformed

    Pepto Bismol and whiskey provided as refreshments. 

    26. Waiting for Fezco

    A slightly more literal spin on the Beckett classic.

    27. 17 Going on 27

    A meta-commentary on Dear Evan Hansen and Euphoria casting.

    28. Those Who Leave and Those Who Slay

    The quintessential "growing up and growing apart" story, but yassified.

    29. Girls Trip

    Lexi gets sued for copyright infringement. 

    30. Richard Jules

    Literally no connection to the plot. Just havin a good time. 

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