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    I Tried Cassie's Famous 4 A.M. Beauty Routine From "Euphoria", And I'm Sorry But No Hook-Up Is Worth This Much Effort And Damage To The Skin

    It was a whooole lot, to say the very least.

    It's safe to say that I — along with almost 14 million other viewers — am hooked on the dark and provocative HBO drama Euphoria. Every Sunday night I eagerly tune in to see what will happen next with Rue and the crew.

    After almost three years since the first season premiered, our prayers were answered when Euphoria returned for Season 2 last month. As expected, this season does 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 disappoint 👏🏼 and basically after every episode airs, social media goes into a frenzy dissecting each scene and every character's storyline — including the now-infamous 4 a.m. skincare routine done by Cassie Howard.

    Cassie Howard from "Euphoria" standing in the hallway at school

    Since the episode aired, Cassie's 4 a.m. routine has been all over TikTok, with people doing their own version of it. Of course, I decided to try out Cassie's early morning beauty routine myself.

    Cassie Howard doing her manic 4am skincare routine in "Euphoria"

    Before trying it out though, I asked Dr. Diane Madfes, MD, FAAD, a New York-based dermatologist, whether Cassie's lengthy routine is actually beneficial for the skin.

    Dr. Diane Madfes sitting at her desk in her office with a white lab coat on

    Here's how it went!

    STEP #1: Wake up startled to a loud 4 a.m. alarm.

    STEP #2: I tried my best to avoid falling asleep in the shower as I washed my hair, and exfoliated and shaved my legs.

    STEP #3: I put my robe on, wrapped my hair around heatless hair-curling ribbons, and stuck on under eye patches.

    The author wearing a grey robe, hair wrapped in a ribbon, and under eye patches doing a peace sign

    STEP #4: I depuffed my face and sculpted my jawline by using an ice roller.

    The author using an ice roller to her face

    STEP #5: I used a fancy-looking gold massager on my face.

    The author in a grey robe taking a mirror selfie using a gold massager on her face

    STEP #6: I then attempted to massage my décollage area with the same fancy gold massager.

    The author looking confused using the gold massager along her décollage area

    STEP #7: The massaging didn't stop there. I then used a small t-shaped massager tool on my forehead.

    The author using a small gold t-shaped tool on her forehead

    STEP #8: I used a gua sha along the neck.

    The author using a Gua Sha tool along her neck while she looks away to the side

    STEP #9: I slapped on a freezing cold face mask.

    The author giving a peace sign with a blue eye mask across her eyes

    STEP #10: I vigorously applied body lotion all over.

    In this episode, Rue (played by Zendaya) narrates the scene where she mentions that it took Cassie three hours to get ready for school and those hours included this routine. When I was done applying the body lotion, the clock read 5:20 a.m. So I assume the rest of the time included Cassie applying her makeup, picking out an outfit, and finishing her hair. Either way, I was exhausted after 80 minutes of skincare.

    "Routines are great but this one in particular is an excessive one and is not worth the time and energy," said Dr. Madfes. 

    "Skincare should be fun and unfortunately Cassie has made it into a chore. She goes a little overboard with all of her steps and the benefit to sleeping later outweighs half her steps," she said. 

    Although this routine was very extensive and some of the steps and products were not necessary, there is something to say about waking up earlier than usual and taking some time for yourself first thing in the morning. If you're looking to do a morning self-care routine, just make sure you're doing it for yourself.