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Memes Of The Drunk Man From The Manchester's New Year Renaissance-Ish Photo

It started from a photograph taken by Joel Goodman, then it became huge on the internet. What a great start of 2016! This is why the internet exist, so you don't want your drunk face moment is everywhere on the internet. Especially this way.

sightmybyblinded • 3 years ago

Recklessly-Popular Teenagers On Social Media

‘You are what you post’ like many people remind us about social network statuses. The emergence of mobile applications allows young people to consume popular social networks and leads teenager to be an instant-famous on the internet. Teenager tends to recklessly post negative comments, videos, or selfie photos on social media. Most likely because they aren’t aware of using social media as personal branding and they don’t think far ahead about their futures.

sightmybyblinded • 4 years ago

Top Musics Between Mid 99s Until Early 2000s

These musics bring my life back!

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

Matt Bomer & Mark Ruffalo Intimate Scene

This heart breaking trailer of HBO's adaptation, is definitely going to be put into my 'To Watch' List! The story is about the HIV/AIDS crisis in New York in 1985. The Normal Heart is directed by Ryan Murphy and based on Larry Kramer's play. Recommended for "Looking" HBO's series fans. It will air on May 25th.

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

Belle Knox, Openly "Porn Star" Freshman College

There are 60 percent of university students in United States take student loans annually and their graduation's gifts, is debt. Belle Knox is 18 years old student at Duke University and chooses to work in porn industry to help her pay tuition, which is $60,000 a year. She recently got an email from a man in Colorado:

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

#RipZaynMalik Is Terrorizing

RipZaynMalik hashtag is trending on Twitter today and probably wake everyone up! Poor Zayn.... Well, scrolling over Twitter's feed is fun until you see the evil one from haters.

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

15 Underwater Creatures You Might Not Know Their Names

A travel photographer/diver took picture of these beautiful creatures then posted it on his website You should put 'Lembeh island' (in North Sulawesi, Indonesia) to your travel destination's list!

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

What It's Like Being Single On Valentine's Day

Because you may or may not have "On My Own" from the Les Mis soundtrack on repeat.

Megan Sweet • 5 years ago

25 Sassy Valentine's Cards And Seriously, Just Send It!

Someone would love to send me one of these? lol

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

25 Sassy Valentine's Cards And Seriously, Just Send It!

I hate Valentine's day but still hoping someone will give me at least one of this cards.

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

Types Of Siblings

If you are the only child, I must say, this video is accurate. Just to share knowledge with you guys, to whom doesn't have a siblings.

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

Which 'Wrecking Ball' Version Do You Prefer?

Miley Cyrus with her 'wrecking ball' is the icon for 2013. So... Which 'Wrecking Ball' version do you prefer?

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago

Old Movies/TVs And Current Inventions

From Steven Spielberg's sci-fi movies to Japanese anime series, they sell imaginations that lead scientists to make it happen for us. Do you remember the gadgets below from the movies?

sightmybyblinded • 5 years ago