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Memes Of The Drunk Man From The Manchester's New Year Renaissance-Ish Photo

It started from a photograph taken by Joel Goodman, then it became huge on the internet. What a great start of 2016! This is why the internet exist, so you don't want your drunk face moment is everywhere on the internet. Especially this way.

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It Started Out With A Drink

So much going on this pic of New Year in Manchester by the Evening News. Like a beautiful painting.


He Should Get This Hung On His Bedroom Wall

He Prolly Was Not That Drunk To Slam Dunk

"I believe I can fly..."

To America and Beyond

No Netflix He Can Still Be Chill

@LeoJCarey @ravisomaiya @NOTLR Maybe this can also hang at the National Gallery?

You Can Not Just Take Away This Dude From His Beer Bottle

@hughesroland @LeoJCarey @ravisomaiya @NOTLR found the aftermath of the fella

This Is Going To Be The 'Post of 2016'

Apparently Yes!

Not Likely Expect For This One

.@hughesroland famous moments with beer man

Well. Because it was New year's eve.

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