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What It's Like Being Single On Valentine's Day

Because you may or may not have "On My Own" from the Les Mis soundtrack on repeat.

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February 14th is rapidly approaching.

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All of your friends in relationships couldn't be happier.

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Which makes all the single people, especially you, feel extremely bitter.

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So you have to deal with all the couples being cute.

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And people talking about having significant others.

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And their love life.

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People ask what your Valentine's Day plans are.


You find yourself questioning why you don't have a significant other.

Not only are you not in a relationship, but there's currently no possible fling of any kind.

So you try to remember the last time you actually hit it off with someone. Apparently it didn't go too well.

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Or in a slightly intoxicated state, maybe like this.

After seeing happy couples, you start to lose hope.

So, instead, you watch your friends get flowers and go out to romantic dinners.

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But at least there's always one thing that will make you feel better, no strings attached.

You do everything in your power not to drunk text your ex.

So you hang out with all your other single friends instead.

NBC / Via
NBC / Via

You think "maybe things will change by next Valentine's Day."

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But if not, don't sweat it!

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