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    34 Things To Keep Your Pets Happy This Winter

    Don't let snow and below-freezing temperatures keep your pet from living their best life.

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    1. A tub of dog paw wax, which acts as a protective layer for your dog's paws so things like snow and ice won't irritate them. Just apply it on their paws before they head outside, and they'll be prancing along pain-free!

    2. A ball launcher that tosses a ball farther, meaning you'll have more time to rest your arm between throws. Bonus: during the winter, you won't have to bend down and accidentally touch all that cold snow on the ground!

    3. A scarf for dogs to protect them in cold weather. You have to make sure your puppy's cute lil' ears and neck don't get frostbitten when you're on your outdoor adventures!

    4. A collapsible cat tunnel that your feline friend will spend hours and hours running through. Even the laziest of cats will abandon their winter hibernation to sprint through these.

    5. A cute dog-sized microfiber towel with a hood perfect for your pup to snuggle up in after they take a nice, warm bath following their playtime out in the snow.

    a dog at a door with a blue hooded towel on

    6. A large plush toy shaped like a duck, which is about to become the winter companion your dog's been longing for. Oh, did we mention the squeaker?!

    7. A heavy duty 76-inch cat tree because let's be real — your cat rules your household, and now they can lord over your living room all winter long like the king or queen they are. It also provides so much room for them to work out their energy, fight off boredom, and get all their scratches out.

    grey cat tree with a white and black cat on it

    8. A doggie raincoat to keep your pup warm and dry if there are light flurries in the forecast. And it comes in a whopping 14 colors and patterns so your dog can pick which one matches their ~style~.

    9. Or a windbreaker for the days when it's extra blustery outside, making it especially practical for short-haired dogs. Bonus: it has a little pocket on the back for holding their poop bags!

    10. An odor-neutralizing candle because you're going to be cooped up inside your house basically all winter, and you don't want those unpleasant smells caused by your stinky (but lovable) pet to linger!

    pet house candle burning in front of a person and dog

    11. A set of waterproof dog booties to keep your dog's paws from getting too cold when they walk on snow or cold pavement. With these on, your dog can confidently roam free and you can relax knowing your dog is protected.

    12. Or a pair of RifRuf dog booties that protects your dog's feet while looking so dang stylish. With a durable rubber sole, a breathable mesh upper portion, and adjustable straps, these functional yet fashionable dog sneakers are made from the same material as human sneakers!

    13. A heated water bowl for dogs who refuse to come inside even during snow days. Now they can stay hydrated and don't have to worry about their water bowl turning into a popsicle.

    14. A shaggy donut-shaped dog bed designed to calm down anxious dogs. The bolster around the side and the furry fabric also help keep them warm, cozy, and supported as they burrow in this bed all winter long.

    15. A fish-shaped toy to keep your cat entertained as it flips and flops around. It has a pouch to place catnip inside, so your cat will be attracted to this toy the second the box opens. They won't even miss the great outdoors when they're playing with this!

    16. A paw and nose lotion bar designed to moisturize and soften the rough parts of your dog's body. You know how uncomfortable your nose can get during the winter, so imagine how relieved your dog will be when their dry nose gets the moisture it needs!

    17. A rechargeable LED pet collar made to keep your dog safe and seen during nighttime walks. You'll be so happy you have this when the sun starts setting at 5 p.m. in the winter.

    18. A very fashionable bomber jacket so your dog will be the best-looking, coziest canine on the block. This is especially great for any short-haired breeds like French bulldogs!

    19. Or this cable-knit sweater so adorable, you might get jealous that they're winning the sweater weather game over you.

    small dog in a blue cable knit sweater while standing in the snow

    20. A car seat cover to protect your back seat from all that messy snow your dog can track into your car in the winter.

    dog sitting in back seat of car with a car seat cover on the seat

    21. A waterproof treat pouch if your dog basically needs a treat to do ANYTHING, like head outside for a walk when it's super cold. Now you can keep tons of treats on your body so you can reward your good boy or girl throughout your entire frigid excursion.

    A reviewer's dog waiting patiently for their owner to dispense the treats from the pouch

    22. A paw cleaner to prevent your floor from being covered in wet, muddy footprints when your dog comes inside from walking in the snow. All you have to do is add water, and the gentle silicone bristles remove caked-on dirt and mud.

    23. A nail file board for the dog who refuses to get their nails trimmed the traditional way. Because your dog will be spending much more time indoors during the winter, you'll want to keep their nails groomed so they don't scratch up the floors or furniture.

    24. A self-warming round bed so your feline friend can settle in for a long winter's nap. They'll be so comfy, and you'll be so relieved they're not permanently sitting in your lap.

    A brown and grey kitten in a grey fuzzy bed

    25. A set of balls for your bunny, guinea pig, or other small animal to chew, nudge, and play with so they can keep themselves occupied while they're in their cage all winter.

    26. A fleece-lined hoodie — have you ever seen a cuter winter outfit for a cat?! I mean, just imagine the pictures! That is — if they'll keep the hood on long enough for you to take one.

    cat in a red and white fair isle fleece hoodie

    27. A cozy bed your dog can escape into whenever the temperature dips below freezing outside. If you think you've lost your dog and can't find them, odds are they're burrowed into this comfy thing.

    dog inside a dog bed

    28. A set of squeaky plush toys that come in cute woodland animal designs to keep them occupied when they're stuck inside this winter. It doesn't contain any stuffing, so if your dog gets a bit rough with toys (as they often do!), you don't have to worry about fluff exploding all over your house.

    29. A container of Safe Paw ice melter that doesn't contain any salt and is nontoxic, so you can relax knowing they won't get irritated paws or get sick if they eat any of it. It lasts up to 72 hours before you have to reapply it on your driveway!

    30. A plush blanket if your dog loves to snuggle with you on your bed, but you don't want them stealing your blankets all the time.

    31. A pack of budget-friendly pee pads for any pups who aren't used to peeing outside in the cold and end up leaving a few accidents inside. Thankfully, these are super absorbent and keep all the mess contained!

    puppy sitting on a pee pad

    32. A hide-a-squirrel plush dog toy if your dog misses chasing squirrels outside. They'll become obsessed with this as they search for the cute lil' squirrels tucked inside the log.

    33. An extremely durable chew toy shaped liked a cactus that actually brushes your dog's teeth as they play with it. It will stay intact all winter long, even if your pup has an intense set of chompers.

    34. A small rope toy that your puppy can carry around, chew on, and play tug of war inside with when it's too cold or snowy to go outside. Plus: this comes in a set of four, so if they destroy one early in the season, just give them a new one!

    Your pet absolutely thriving this winter thanks to all the helpful products: