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    This Indestructible Dog Toy Is The Best $8 I've Ever Spent

    It's still going strong after four months. If you own a dog, you *know* how big a deal that is.

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    Rockie, my 6-year-old French bulldog, sleeps for 18 hours in a 24-hour cycle at a minimum (he's exhausted). And yet, he manages to destroy every chew toy that crosses the threshold of our door within days.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    I’m not exaggerating when I say that my sister raids the rows of TJ Maxx once a week for new seasonally appropriate squeakers. I just threw out a mangled pastel purple bunny because, yep, he chewed right through it in a day… which brings me to my point.

    Chew toys can cost $10+ a pop and usually last a mere few days, but thankfully hope has plopped into my loving arms via this very unassuming yellow duck. It's best thing I've purchased in a very long time.

    hand holding yellow duck toy with text "this random chew toy has over 15,000 reviews"
    AnaMaria Glavan

    I saw this Amazon listing and realized that over 15,000 reviewers swore this toy could take a TON of wear and tear — and actually last through the carnage.

    Dear readers, it is my professional opinion that this yellow "Duckworth" duck toy is woven with Valyrian steel. I purchased this on November 24, am writing this as of April 16, and it is STILL GOING STRONG.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    It has not torn, ripped, there is no toy entrail fluff scattered throughout our living room.. nada. It’s still perfectly intact and Rockie generally prefers this toy over any other one in his ever-changing arsenal. It’s also perfect for his medium frame but I can see it being equally as ideal for smaller dogs because it’s lightweight, despite being on the larger side.

    Another ding-ding-ding-we-have-a-winner note is that this toy costs less than $10. So let's say I spent ~$7 on a new chew toy every week for four months... I just saved $140 total because of this random yellow duck. #math

    french bulldog with chew toy in his mouth
    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    Considering the quality, you’d expect it to cost *way* more since I haven’t had to replace it in the four months of owning it. And again, I want to stress — my dog typically shreds through toys in less than a week, so to have one last a trillion times longer?! That's pretty sweet.

    The squeaker is also NOT obnoxiously loud.

    TV Land

    If you have a doggo, I'm sure you can understand how blissfuly wonderful that is.

    I mean, look at this portrait which I call "Hunk of Ham." Rockie will actually drag this duck around the house and snuggle with it and I just... my eyes are brimming with tears right now.

    French Bulldog snuggling with yellow duck
    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed


    If you're still concerned it won't last for your pupper, just take a gander at the glowing 15,000+ Amazon reviews — folks with pitbulls, Chihuhahas, English mastiffs, golden retrievers, pugs, mutts, mixes, and more s-w-e-a-r by this thing (for both snuggling and chewing purposes).,

    Promising reviews: "My English Mastiff (and the biggest baby ever) loves his ducky. He has ripped up other toys, but not his beloved duck. He has had it for a few months now and brings it everywhere around the house with him, even sleeps snuggled up with it. I don't know why dogs seem to love this toy so much, but I would highly recommend purchasing!" —Kristen

    "My German shepherd specializes in eviscerating stuffed toys in record time. If there were an Olympics he'd take the gold and if there was a hall of fame... he'd be at the top. That said, this silly, cute quacking duck lasted six months the first time he got it and we are at three months with the next one and still no sign of fatigue. I'm guessing that the feathery material isn't as much fun to pull at? Unsure, but all in all, this is the longest lasting chewy squeaky toy I've gotten in his four years. It's not just durable... he'll walk around the house with the duck in his mouth squeaking it constantly for five minutes intervals, no break." —Peter V.

    "I rescued a little Chihuahua two and a half years ago. He came into my home totally untamed and scared out of his little mind and immediately became very attached to my Golden Retriever's Duckworth and confiscated it. Papi is very rough and can demolish a stuffed animal in 30 seconds or less. However, Duckworth is an extremely well made toy and he has yet to tear the new one apart several weeks later. These are his stuffed animal of choice and almost every picture I have taken of him has his Duckworth right next to him. And he's become a very good boy!" —Michelle DeSalvo

    "This is the first toy I ever got my bichon and almost a year later it’s still her favorite toy that she plays with EVERY day. Best 8 dollars I have ever spent and completely worth it." —Briana

    TL;DR: Provide your dog with this everlasting Duckworth chew toy that costs less than $8 a ~pup~ — and if you don't have a dog, I highly encourage perusing that Amazon listing anyway as a gift to the paw-rents in your life. Plus, there are no words to express the sheer joy that the review photos have given me.

    TV Tokyo

    ^Me @ those dog pics.

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