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    This Indestructible Dog Toy Is The Best $8 I've Ever Spent

    It's still going strong after four months. If you own a dog, you *know* how big a deal that is.

    Rockie, my 6-year-old French bulldog, sleeps for 18 hours in a 24-hour cycle at a minimum (he's exhausted). And yet, he manages to destroy every chew toy that crosses the threshold of our door within days.

    Chew toys can cost $10+ a pop and usually last a mere few days, but thankfully hope has plopped into my loving arms via this very unassuming yellow duck. It's best thing I've purchased in a very long time.

    hand holding yellow duck toy with text "this random chew toy has over 15,000 reviews"

    Dear readers, it is my professional opinion that this yellow "Duckworth" duck toy is woven with Valyrian steel. I purchased this on November 24, am writing this as of April 16, and it is STILL GOING STRONG.

    Another ding-ding-ding-we-have-a-winner note is that this toy costs less than $10. So let's say I spent ~$7 on a new chew toy every week for four months... I just saved $140 total because of this random yellow duck. #math

    french bulldog with chew toy in his mouth

    The squeaker is also NOT obnoxiously loud.

    I mean, look at this portrait which I call "Hunk of Ham." Rockie will actually drag this duck around the house and snuggle with it and I just... my eyes are brimming with tears right now.

    French Bulldog snuggling with yellow duck

    If you're still concerned it won't last for your pupper, just take a gander at the glowing 15,000+ Amazon reviews — folks with pitbulls, Chihuhahas, English mastiffs, golden retrievers, pugs, mutts, mixes, and more s-w-e-a-r by this thing (for both snuggling and chewing purposes).

    TL;DR: Provide your dog with this everlasting Duckworth chew toy that costs less than $8 a ~pup~ — and if you don't have a dog, I highly encourage perusing that Amazon listing anyway as a gift to the paw-rents in your life. Plus, there are no words to express the sheer joy that the review photos have given me.

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