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    37 Products To Help Solve All The Gross Problems In Your Life

    Don't let mildewy showers, stinky dishwashers, and pet stains on the carpet keep ruining your day.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A TubShroom so you don't have to deal with the disgusting act of snaking a drain when your tub gets clogged yet again. This lil' guy catches all of your hair before it heads down the drain, and all you have to do is clean it out after every shower.

    A reviewer photo of the tubshroom with hair surrounding it

    Promising review: "I can't say enough good things about this product. I have a family of four, and would frequently have to snake our shower drain. It appears I won't be having that problem ever again. I even give my dog baths, and this collects the hair. You don't know how much hair you wash down your drain until you use this!" β€”Aaron Morlock

    Get it from Amazon for $12.45+ (available in five colors).

    2. An earwax removal kit if you're having a hard time hearing because of all the tough, dried wax building up in your ear. Will you be shocked at how much comes out? Probably. Will you be able to hear so much better? Absolutely!


    Put a few drops in your ear, and after a few minutes, rinse your ear with warm water using the soft rubber bulb syringe that's included in the kit. The microfoaming action of the formula gently softens and loosens your earwax, allowing it to easily come out.

    Promising review: "Okay I’m really grossed out at what came out of my ear BUT what a relief. It was such a satisfying feeling after. My primary doc told me I had wax build up and he recommended this product. I followed what the Amazon reviews said to do. The key is patience. I was about to give up, but I saw someone on here say they had squeeze the water into their ear for 10 minutes before a nugget came out. So I decided to try one more time then I felt something blocking my ear. I had to go in and grab it out and I was shocked at what came out. I feel lighter honestly LOL." β€”Sarah Perney

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98.

    3. An air purifier to remove all of the dust, mold, pet hair, and any other microscopic nastiness that's floating through the air and making us sneeze.,

    Promising review: "I've had this purifier for five days and can already tell a huge difference in my allergy and sinus issues. My right nostril is constantly clogged and by the second day of running this I could finally breathe through both nostrils upon waking! There is a noticeable difference in the air when I walk into my bedroom where I keep the air purifier from the rest of my home. No more musty smell. If you have any sort of allergy or breathing problem I highly recommend this." β€”Daniel Dziedzic

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (available in two colors).

    4. Or a bottle of allergen spray that removes up to 93% of common allergens that live on surfaces and in the air. You probably don't even want to think about cockroach allergens floating around your house, and thanks to this spray, you won't have to anymore!

    reviewer photo of an allergen spray bottle sitting on a table

    The bottle comes with the hypoallergenic mineral ingredients, and you just have to add water and shake. Spray both in the air and on hard and soft surfaces like walls, bedding, and couches.

    Promising review: "My husband is deathly allergic to cats. When an attack hits he can sneeze 30 times. I keep certain parts of the house closed off to prevent cat danger from lingering and making him miserable. However I have found this spray very effective at controlling and inactivating pet dander. Although I have wood floors, I vacuum then spray the allergen spray everywhere. In the air, on furniture, in closets. A little goes a long way. After treating the house my husband has no reaction. I’ve not noticed the spray to have much of a smell, it has not stained my furniture or clothing." β€”Karen

    Allergy Asthma Clean is a family-owned small business that developed this spray to help indoor allergy sufferers get back to their lives.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 and get two refill packets for $19.99.

    5. A hairbrush cleaning tool designed to get every last bit of dust and hair out of your bristles. No one wants to run all that gunk over their hair when brushing it!!

    The pointed end of the tool is ideal for picking out tangles, the stiff bristles work great at removing dust and dirt, and the bristles at the bottom end of the tool can give your hairbrush a deep clean.

    Promising review: "When I bought this I was really skeptical. I am grossed out by my hairbrush and clean it all the time. I've soaked it in vinegar and tea tree oil, used a toothbrush, scrubbed it with shampoo, picked it clean by hand β€” everything you can think of. Still, it's so hard to get the little lint that forms at the base of the brush β€” they don't dissolve off and you have to pick them off the bristles one by one because a toothbrush won't even break them up. This thing works amazingly. I don't know why, it just does β€” the particular texture of the bristles on this really grabs everything. It scraped the little lint rings right off and now my brush is cleaner, 10 times as fast." β€”HeartsofHavoc

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    6. An oven scrub cleaner for anyone who can't remember the last time you gave the inside of your oven a deep clean. It's time for that burnt cheese that's been stuck to the bottom since 2019 to finally go away.

    clear jar of an oven scrub natural cleaner
    Cleaning Studio / Etsy

    This oven scrub is made out of 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients. To clean your oven, apply the scrub over the oven surface including the interior glass, scrub with a metallic or scouring sponge, then use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface.

    Cleaning Studio is a small business based in Fairfield, Connecticut that specializes in natural cleaning products and microfiber cloths.

    Promising review: "This is the first time in my 50+ years that I have actually enjoyed cleaning my oven. And no, I am not joking! This product is effective, easy to work with, smells amazing, AND I only used a tiny amount of product!!! I don't think I could imagine a way to improve this product. Highly, highly recommend!!! Well worth any wait." β€”Diane Coury

    Get it from Cleaning Studio on Etsy for $17.99+ (available in plastic or glass jars).

    7. A fruit fly trapper if every time you pick up a banana from your fruit bowl, you disturb dozens of these pesky little insects that are living rent-free in your house.

    Each trap lasts up to 45 days. Just place the traps where you've spotted fruit flies before and empty half of the lure bottle into the trap.

    Promising review: "Our home was infested with fruit flies. As a household of minimal fresh produce and a mostly nitrate rich menu, we were confused and horrified when these tiny, evil bastards took over our house. These apple traps are LEGIT. Within an hour or less they had captured a good amount of flies. I just bought more." β€”MotherofChaos

    Get two traps from Amazon for $5.88.

    8. A garbage disposal cleaner to use if there's a funky smell coming from down your sink and you'd like to clear that up ASAP. Just shove one of the packets down there, turn on your disposal, and watch in amazement as the cleaner foams up and chomps away all the grunge.,

    When using, make sure to put the entire packet down the drain aka don't open it! The packet is made out of biodegradable material.

    Promising review: "We purchased a house in August 2019 and I've noticed that the garage disposal wasn't smelling great. Kept forgetting to do something about it until recently. I purchased these because they seemed to be a good value. I followed the easy directions and was not prepared for the amount of gunk the blue foam pushed out of both sinks. It was gross! After the blue foam died down, I cleaned my sinks and they smelled much better. Almost wanted to do it again, but I'll wait a bit. Highly recommended!" β€”Sissy39

    Get them from Amazon for $10.22+ (available in multiple quantities).

    9. A Luv Scrub mesh exfoliator that is much more sanitary than loofahs that breed bacteria. This is made of 100% nylon that dries fast, and you only have to replace it every 18 months. (Did you know loofahs should be replaced every three to four WEEKS?!)

    Luv Scrub, Ciera Velarde / BuzzFeed

    I bought the Luv Scrub a few months ago and it's been the best purchase I've made for myself in recent memory! Before this, I was using a loofah and would only replace it every few months (if I remembered). Even thinking about all that bacteria makes me cringe!! Not only is the Luv Scrub a more hygienic choice, it lathers super well, it's long enough to scrub my entire back, and it removes dead skin cells with ease, making my skin feel so soft and smooth. I use it before shaving my armpits and legs, and I've noticed I get a smoother, bump-free shave whenever I use. I even think my hair grows back slower since using it! When I'm done, I just hang it up on a hook in my shower and it dries in about an hour, making it a great product to travel with as well.

    Luv Scrub is a Black-owned, woman-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in mesh body exfoliators inspired by mesh exfoliators West African women have used for generations.

    Get it from Luv Scrub for $18 (ships in early June)

    10. A box of extra-large dog poop bags because even the thought of my hand accidentally getting dirty while picking up my dog's mess is enough to send a shiver down my spine. Thankfully, these strong and thick bags make picking up dog poop as pleasant as possible., Amazon

    Promising review: "I have gone through several poop bags that claim it's big but end up with less than large bags. For those of you that know what it feels like to only pick up a part of the poop, this is the bag for you! It's gross when you have a smaller bag and you have to flip it after picking up the poop and find out that you don't have enough bag to get it flipped over... ughhh. This bag is great because it's big enough for my 90+ lb dog and I can even pick up at multiple poop sites using the same bag." β€”The Kims

    Get a pack of 225 bags from Amazon for $11.99 (available in lavender scented or unscented).

    11. A bottle of hand sanitizer to keep on you at all times in case you have to touch a subway pole and want to immediately kill all the germs on your hands. Formulated with organic aloe vera and vitamins B5 and E, it'll actually keep your hands hydrated instead of drying them out.

    white squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer with designs on it
    Prim Botanicals

    Promising review: "So clean feeling. Absolutely 0 residue. My hand feel sanitized, not dried out and really clean. I love it. I would buy a gallon jug if it was cheaper!" β€”Alissa S.

    Prim Botanicals is a small business specializing in 100% plant-based, cruelty-free hair & body products.

    Get it from Prim Botanicals for $12+ (available in three sizes).

    12. A tongue cleaner if you've tried everything and you still can't get rid of your stinky breath. This will scrape away bacteria that's trapped on your tongue, and you'll be left wondering why you haven't gotten one of these sooner.

    Promising review: "Unfortunately I, like many, have bad breath and have tried so many things to stop it. I read that sometimes it's the germs on your tongue that can cause it, so I went hard trying to brush my tongue. Of course we all know how that ends β€” gagging, watery eyes, and it still looks like that gross film is on your tongue. I finally decided that maybe it was time to get a tongue cleaner and it had to be a stainless steel one because they are easier to clean and sterilize. This product is really easy to use and I can get very far back on my tongue without activating my gag reflex. Also, it doesn't have the feeling like brushing with a toothbrush does. This cleaner just glides across my tongue, taking all the icky germs and bad breath with it. I love my nice new fresh breath and bolster of confidence!" β€”jordanlauren

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    13. A razor bump treatment to banish those painful, itchy bumps that pop up post-shaving. It'll also help fight against those pesky ingrown hairs.

    Frederick Benjamin

    After shaving, apply evenly onto dry, just shaved areas. If you're dealing with bumps or ingrown hair, apply on the affected area twice a day, onto a clean dry face. Repeat daily.

    Frederick Benjamin is a Black-owned small business based in New York City that specializes in grooming products specifically designed for Black men who struggle with in-grown hairs and razor bumps.

    Get it from Frederick Benjamin for $18.

    14. A bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo if you're sick and tired of finding little flakes of your scalp on your shoulders. Also, people with dandruff know how dang itchy the problem is, and this is formulated to keep those scalp scratchies at bay.

    Before and after of reviewer's scalp. First with flakes and scales from dandruff and then clean and healthy after use.

    Promising review: "I have tried every natural thing for my dandruff-y, funky scalp. I did tea tree, neem, a couple Aveda systems, borax, just everything. For a couple YEARS. I'd see mild improvement, but it was always a struggle and if I let up, it was back with a vengeance. And then I used this twice and it's just all gone. I'm going to keep using it for a while to make sure this stuff is killed off completely, but I can already tell I'm not going to have gross lumps of dead skin in my hair ever again. I've had a lot of hair loss the last couple years too, and I have SO much hope that this will help reverse that! I'm still using my nice natural shampoo as my main shampoo. This stuff is kind of harsh. But as medicine it can't be beat and I'm so glad I bought it." β€”bright shiny things

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84.

    15. A drill brush attachment to scrub off even the most caked-on stains and soap scum on your shower door, tiles, and floor. Have an old, nasty stain on your couch that you can't stand looking at anymore? This baby will take it right out.,

    This kit includes three nylon power brushes that'll fit on any cordless drill.

    Promising review: "These brushes worked flawlessly. I have a 24-year-old home that has not been remodeled yet. The master bath shower tile and fiberglass shower pan were in pretty bad shape. We tried many types of cleaners to remove residual soap and hard water stains with little success. As a last ditch effort, I purchased these brushes. They worked amazingly well. Using Krud Kutter and these brushes removed every bit of the dirt and polished those tiles so that they shined brilliantly like they did when they were new. I am completely satisfied with my purchase of these brushes. They are well-made and held up beautifully to the forces I applied while using them." β€”Tom S4TX

    Get it from Amazon for $12.70 (available in five styles).

    16. A toenail brace that prevents your nail from growing into your skin and creating an awful, painful ingrown nail. As someone who's struggled with ingrown toenails getting INFECTED (*shudders*), let me tell you β€” this is a miracle product!

    U-curved toenail cutting deep into skin elongated and leveled after using brace

    The kit comes with 10 toenail braces and the materials needed to apply it. You should start seeing results within three days.

    Promising review: "I never realized how curved my toenails were. I thought the pain I had was just normal and a fact of life. Only when I read about the Curve Correct product, did I realize that I had a major problem, and it could be resolved! Now I'm on the way to normal, flat toenails, that DON'T grow curved into my skin!" β€”Jamie H.

    Get the kit from Amazon for $44.99.

    17. A rubber squeegee brush capable of lifting up so much pet hair you didn't even know was trapped within your carpet. You might think your vacuum is picking up all your pet's hair, but just you WAIT.,

    Reviewers suggest using short, quick strokes over your carpet or rug to get the most pet hair out. This broom also works great for collecting pet hair on hardwood floors as the rubber bristles work like a magnet to gather all the hair in one big clump.

    Promising review: "Didn’t expect much, just bought this on a whim because on of those 'Things from Amazon that actually work' articles you see on social media. Well, I can say that it actually worked perfectly! I thought my carpet was clean because I have a full-size 'pet' vacuum, but I can tell that this broom is the only thing able to get deep enough and pull all that hair and dirt out of the fibers. Even works better on my tile floors than a regular broom. It doesn’t kick up dust particles or leave them behind. Also, I feel you can use this instead of your mop since it also has a squeegee and can be cleaned just by rinsing it. So you get a twofer with this." β€”Nelio

    Get it from Amazon for $12.44.

    18. A makeup brush cleaner, because when's the last time you washed those brushes that have been sitting there on your bathroom counter, collecting germs and dust and bacteria?

    A customer review photo showing their brushes before and after using the cleaner

    This makeup brush shampoo is hypoallergenic, made with plant-based ingredients, and free of phthalates, petroleum, and perfume. Make sure to clean your brushes once a week.

    Promising review: "I was kind of hesitant and thought maybe the reviews were too good to be true ... but they aren't! I bought one of those makeup brush spinning cleaners and wasn't sure what to use with it. I got this and did some hand washing as per the instructions and goops and goops of old makeup just flowed off (yes, that's gross and I will never let my brushes get THAT bad). Then I put it through the spinning machine and my brushes are back to the original white bristles that they are supposed to be! Highly recommend." β€”Anon1

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    19. A whirlpool tub jet cleaner β€” you might not even be aware of the crud that's built up in your jets until you use this and watch the water turn brown. 🀒,

    Promising review: "OK I was considering just closing off the jets in my tub because I never could get the 'gunk' out. It had never been cleaned before really from the inside. This stuff is AWESOME. I did two runs since I'd never done it before. The first run really did it and the second got just a little more out, but wow. So impressed! I can use my jets again!" β€”Angela B

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (one bottle does four rinses).

    20. A bottle of stain-and-odor eliminator that you should always have on hand in case your massive four-legged friend leaves a massive mess on the carpet.

    The spray is chlorine-free, color-safe, and safe to use around children and pets. You can use it on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, kennels – literally anywhere your pet has an accident!

    Promising review: "We have three large dogs, and our house is constantly either full of fur, dog toys, mysterious puddles, vomit from yesterday's trash excavation, or your bi-monthly bout of explosive diarrhea. If you're hesitant on the price, which I was at first, your desperation to remove your carpet of brown and yellow spots will be rewarded by giving this a try. When I tell you this stuff is MAGIC IN A BOTTLE, I'm not exaggerating. Vomit, urine, diarrhea, butt juice. I know what you're thinking...'What the hell kinda dogs do they own?!' R & R got all of it out of the carpet. I'll say it again...MAGIC IN A BOTTLE. $20 for magic? Do it. We will never buy another product again for as long as we both shall live. Or at least as long as we have carpet." β€”Benjamin Poon

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    21. A lice comb with spiral micro-grooved teeth that will remove those aggravating little nits no matter how small they are. Finding out you or someone in your family has lice isn't pleasant, but you'll be relieved how well this works.

    reviewer photo of a lice comb with nits on the teeth

    Promising review: "This better be the only comb you buy if you find yourself unlucky enough to need it!! We got the plastic one first and quickly realized it was a big mistake. This one solved our problem in a heartbeat. This was very effective for our five-person family. This comb was used, boiled, wiped and used over and over again. We have extremely long and thick hair and this comb was far less painful than the crappy plastic ones that come with lice shampoo. Trust me. You have to have a comb that works or those nasty little buggers are staying." β€”Jason Anderson

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    22. A trash can if you're sick of your car basically being a dumpster on wheels. The hard part will be teaching your kids to throw their trash in this and not on the car floor like they usually do...

    square trashcan sitting on the vestibule in the backseat floor of a car

    The trash can comes with straps to fasten it on your car's door handles, center console, or a headrest. It also comes with a free pack of 20 liners, and it can also double as a cooler when you aren't using it for trash.

    Promising review: "This has been perfect for me. I've tried various trash cans for my car, but they always ended up getting gross or knocked over. I have a 3-year-old, so it's not unusual to need to throw away all kinds of stuff that you don't want getting on the floor or seats. This comes with a supply of bags, but most plastic shopping bags will fit. I love that it has the clips on the side so I don't have to worry about the bag falling in, even if it doesn't fit perfectly. I use the Velcro straps to attach it around the headrest of the passenger seat. I'm able to easily flip it around from the front of the seat to the back, or to a different seat, depending on who is in my car with me." β€”Stephanie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes) and a 40-count pack of liners for $9.99.

    23. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets for anyone who can't remember the last time they actually cleaned their water bottle with anything other than, well, water. Also, if you find a used mug that's been sitting out for a few days that has a ~questionable~ substance now caked in it, these cleaning tablets will restore the mug to its former glory.

    These tablets are biodegradable, chlorine-free, and environmentally safe.

    Promising review: "At work we have stainless-steel coffee pots with a plastic top that no one cleans and they are often left on for hours at a time. The bottoms got very gross and someone tried to clean them with hot water and soap, but not much happened. I bought these, added hot water and two tablets (since they are bigger than a water bottle) and let the pots sit over night. So much came off with no scrubbing! I then soaked again for about another hour with two more and almost all of the grime was gone. I did scrub just a tiny bit to get all the stains out with a brush I had and you can see the difference between the before and after! They are almost like new! I did this on two pots and we were all amazed by the results. Ordering more so that we can clean regularly since it’s so easy!" β€”Heather

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.

    24. A popular candle made with an odor neutralizer specifically designed to fight unwanted, lingering smells caused by stinky (but lovable) pets.

    reviewer photo of a pet house candle with a cat standing behind it

    It has a burn time of up to 60 hours, it comes in over 25 different scents, and all the candles are made out of 100% natural soy wax.

    Promising review: "We are foster parents to a LOT of kittens, and while we wait for them to find their forever homes, even though we clean the litter twice daily, things can get smelly. I was certainly skeptical about this candle because all the reviews heralded it as some sort of miracle product. But it totally is. The first night I came home that it had been delivered, my partner had lit it and I walked into a house that DID NOT SMELL LIKE CAT despite there being 11 kittens actively everywhere. Poop smell – gone. Kitten fart smell – GONE. General messy kitten smell – GONE. We like keeping our house clean and safe for the little ones in our care, and this helps us feel a little more sane while we take care of our own cats, and take care of the ones still looking for their families." β€”Elizabeth Lincoln

    Get it from Amazon for $21.95 (available in 27 scents)

    Check out our full Pet House candle review here.

    25. A deep cleaning brush set that removes even the most hard-to-reach, stuck-on crud from every inch of tile grout or shower door track.


    Promising review: "I HIGHLY recommend these brushes for grout. If you are on the fence of 'Ehhh do I NEED a grout brush? I could just scrub the floor...' Stop. Get these brushes. They are stiff and cut down the elbow grease time incredibly. Plus you can use them on anything." β€”Jennifer

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $6.99 (available in two colors).

    26. A packet of pimple patches to extract all the gunk that sits right under the skin whenever you have a whitehead. Place one of these on your breakouts before going to bed, and you'll wake up to a noticeably smaller zit!,

    Promising review: "Wow, I did not expect this to work. I got it yesterday and right out of the package, it resembled stickers. It was easy to take off and apply on clean skin. I suffer from back acne so those are hard to remove and they scar like no other. I wanted something to remove the pus and won’t bleach my clothes. This worked like a charm and fast. I put it on yesterday night before bed. It stayed on all night even with me rolling from side to side at times. After peeling it I saw the gross puss on the patches. Gross!!! The redness was still there but the pimple feels and looks flat so I’m happy. Hopefully when the redness reduces I won’t see any scarring." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of 40 patches from Amazon for $7.79.

    27. Or an oddly satisfying blackhead remover that literally sucks out all the gunk that's currently clogging your pores. Just slowly move it across your face to get rid of whiteheads, blackheads, and all that unwanted oil and grease.,

    This pore "vacuum" has five suction intensity levels, and it also comes with four heads for different skin conditions, such as removing blackheads, getting rid of dead skin, or reducing fine lines.

    Promising review: "I honestly can't run out of great things to say about this! This blackhead remover works WONDERS I use it about once or twice a week & absolutely love it. It works very well, and I have seen a size reduction in my pores since using it for the past few weeks. I highly recommend this blackhead remover!" β€”Andrea

    Get it from Amazon for $23.59 (available in six colors)

    28. A bottle of mold and mildew remover spray so powerful, it could lift the filth from an old abandoned house. Or that one suspiciously stained corner of your shower.

    Promising review: "I bought this RMR spray with low expectations, even with the good reviews. I sprayed a small patch in the evening and let it sit overnight. The next morning, the grout where I had sprayed was as white as if it were brand new. I decided to spray the entire wall and part of the roof. The next day everything I sprayed had no visible mold. By the third night, I was pretty much spraying everything left in the shower. This stuff is amazing." β€”John Werner

    Get a 32-oz bottle on Amazon for $16.99 (available in multiple quantities).

    29. A callus remover that will defeat even the toughest, roughest, and hardest of calluses. Because we're about to head into sandal season, it might be a good idea to freshen up those cracked heels!

    a reviewer photo of both feet before, immediately after, and the morning after using the callus remover

    Promising review: "I love to be barefoot. I have been barefoot whenever possible my entire life. Shoes are the enemy. Therefore, my feet look horrible. So cracked, so callous-y, incredibly hard...basically I look like I have Dino feet. This baby is seriously sharp and does serious magic to my horrific calluses! I have had foot files and that ridiculous pedi-egg before and they don’t hold a candle to this. So imagine my surprise when this actually works really well! I used it dry out of curiosity since it says wet or dry, and honestly I feel like it works even better dry than wet. I can’t believe how much better my feet look! Sooooo gross to use (it’s basically Mount Everest in foot skin), yet such a satisfying result! My only sad thing is now it hurts to walk on gravel barefoot. Worth it!!" β€”Eliza

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    30. Or a Baby Foot peel exfoliator mask if you want to fully embrace the grossness of all of your dead skin peeling off of your feet at once. The payoff? The softest feet you've ever had.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I'm obsessed. This stuff works exactly as expected. Definitely soak feet for about an hour, put on booties for an hour, then rinse with soap and water. Soak every day after, and for the next two weeks, for five to ten minutes...wear socks as much as you can and at least for 20–30 min after daily soak. Tops of your feet and ankles will not peel off in sheets, but that skin is usually much softer than bottom of the foot. Bottom of feet and toes started peeling about 48 hours after treatment. Big peeling started about 24 hours after that. This even softened the feel of two large surgical scars on my ankle and foot. Tips: Do NOT moisturize at all during peeling process. Don't do this within two weeks of having your bare feet exposed to the's kind of gross in a neat way. I have very sensitive skin and didn't get any kind of irritation. It's impossible to NOT peel the huge pieces, but make sure you stop peeling if you get resistance. You don't want to create wounds or sore spots. I'm hooked and will do this again and again." β€”Shannon

    Get a lavender-scented pair from Amazon for $25.

    Check out our full Baby Foot review here.

    31. A pumice stone toilet bowl scrubber so you can finally say goodbye to any hard water rings, calcium buildup, iron and rust that you thought would just be in your toilet...forever.

    Promising review: "I have very hard water that leaves hard water buildup and nasty stains. It’s embarrassing to have guests over because the toilets are so gross! I have tried so many products and cleaning solution β€” from natural essential oils to harsh chemicals so strong I was light headed for the rest of the day. Well I tried out this pumice stone after reading about it in a BuzzFeed article, and honestly the hype is real! It does take some elbow grease, but the after picture is from only 20 minutes of scrubbing, light enough that I didn’t break a sweat! The stone does get used up, but I think this one should last me a couple years at least. So if you have embarrassing toilets, try this!" β€”Stephanie Ray

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    32. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets to at long last eliminate that heinous smell that comes out of your dishwasher whenever you open it. This will get it back to smelling as fresh as the day you moved in.

    Promising review: "After using this product, I am happy to report that my $5 investment saved me over $500. I was ready to replace my dishwasher due to super cloudy glasses, residue, and dishes just not getting clean. Then, I became aware that the water softener was no longer doing its job so I had the rental company replace it. Dishwasher performance improved somewhat. I decided to do two more loads before deciding to purchase a new one. Then I saw a product test review for Affresh. I was ordering some stuff from Amazon anyway so I added that to my order. When it came, I tossed one of the tablets into the bottom of the full machine per the instructions and ran the regular cycle. I did not expect the results I got! The glassware that I thought was permanently etched and ruined came out like new. Same with cutlery. The difference is unbelievable. I will use this faithfully every month, as recommended. I can even put it on my subscribe and save order so I will get a new pack every six months. I am amazed!" β€”Sheila

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $5.99.

    33. A wart remover so you can finally get rid of those stubborn warts that constantly pop up on your hands. Warning: you might get even more grossed out as your wart starts to fall off, but it'll be oh so satisfying when it finally does disappear.

    A set of four reviewer pictures: The wart turned white, the ward even whiter and starting to rise, the ward starting to separate, and the wart peeling off

    Each pack comes with 14 medicated, waterproof bandages to wrap around the wart.

    Promising review: "This worked for me. Here's what happened. First bandage: Everything turned white. Second bandage: The top layer of the wart started disappearing and I could see the blood vessels that were inside it clearly. Third bandage: It started burning while wearing it. One day was REALLY painful, but now I think I just put the bandage on too tight. There was definitely burning though. Uncomfortable, not unbearable. Fourth bandage: The skin around the wart started to crack. Fifth bandage: The skin continued to crack and I could see the wart separating. Sixth bandage: Skin separating deeper. Wart was really soft but it wouldn't budge. Seventh bandage: The wart stuck to the medicine, so when I pulled off the bandage, the wart went with it. I'm left with some raw skin that's a bit sensitive but it feels fine. It looks like the entire wart came off, roots and all. Side note: It smells horribly. Make sure you put the bandage on tight enough to try and conceal the smell, but not so tight it hurts. Overall, not a horrible process. Make sure you follow the instructions and keep it on for 48 hours at a time. Two of mine were only on for 24 hours and I think that prolonged the process." β€”Chelsea Gipson

    Get a pack of 14 from Amazon for $6.96.

    34. A Squatty Potty because no one has time to sit on the toilet pushing and straining and praying for nature to finally run its course. This handy tool aligns your body in an optimal formation so you can drop a deuce in a faster, less painful way.

    white squatty potty sitting underneath a toilet

    Promising review: "This is God's gift to humans. I may love it more than my husband. I at least would have to take a long moment if I had to choose between it and him. Time to get gross. I have always had intestinal issues. I thought this would help and BOY HOWDY it did. Pooping no longer hurts. I don't poop 40 times a day. And when I have to poop, it's no longer an emergency every time. However, it's really difficult to poop other places without my squatty potty." β€”StandingHaiku

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    35. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner to finally get rid of all those food splashes that are covering your microwave right now and making it look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Using this simple gadget is 10 times easier than scrubbing the gross, dried food yourself.

    To use, remove the head, add water, and vinegar, then microwave for about seven minutes. It softens the food particles so you wipe them away easily. You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice to the water/vinegar mixture to freshen up and get rid of the microwave odors that build up.

    Promising review: "Used this for the first time today β€” it works! I didn’t see a plume of steam as I anticipated, but nonetheless, it broke up all the grease and speckles left in the microwave and afterwards it all wiped away with ease. I did as recommended on the box and added a little vinegar and lemon to the water. I think this made a solid difference and this will be a household staple for our microwave cleaning." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.88+ (available in three colors).

    36. A bottle of Poo-Pourri to spray in the toilet *before* you use it to eliminate any unwanted smells from stinking up the whole bathroom. Trust us β€” you'll want a bottle of this in every bathroom of your house and maybe even one to keep in your purse for on-the-go stinky situations!

    model holding up a spray bottle of poo-pourri toilet spray

    Promising review: "I had to write a review this evening because, somewhat embarrassingly to explain, I had a couple bouts of pretty strong stomach 'disturbances' this evening (gurgling and cramping--if you know what I mean). I didn't realize how bad it was going to be when I decided to use the downstairs bathroom (where I didn't have the spray). The room stunk to high heaven--even with multiple 'courtesy flushes'. Then, 20 minutes later, round 2 suddenly came on. Intentionally went upstairs this time so I could use the spray, and it worked absolutely perfectly. Couldn't believe it was able to handle what was likely the most extreme situation I could throw at the spray to test it. Ordering more to go in the other bathrooms so I don't have to figure out which bathroom it's in." β€”Josh B

    Get it from Amazon for $11.39+ (available in four sizes and seven scents)

    37. A nasal wash system designed to relieve you of that annoying stuffy nose that you get every time spring rolls around. Yes, using it for the first time might be a little comfortable and weird, but you'll feel so much better once your sinuses are clear of all that congestion.

    BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedVideo

    It also comes with 20 buffered saline packets (made using pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate β€” and once mixed can last up to seven days) for up to 10–20 weeks of use. Unlike other nasal washes, you don't have to tip your head to the side to get this to work. Rather, just insert the bottle into one nostril, squeeze, and the water will flow out the other nostril. Just make sure you're standing over a sink!

    Promising review: "After years of being told I needed to use a neti pot to help with my allergy and sinus conditions I started looking for something I thought I could work with. I was reluctant to use the one that looks like a little teapot...very intimidating. So I thought I'd give this a try. I also watched a video on how to use it. Holding your breath is the key. Hallelujah! When I say it the closest thing to a religious experience I've ever had, I kid you not. I enter the bathroom unable to breathe I leave the bathroom with a clear head. It is messy and gross and snotty but the results make it worth it." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    Live footage of you as you finally deal with all the unpleasant problems in your life:


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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