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    I Tried Baby Foot's Cult Fave Foot Mask And The Results Are Utterly A-peel-ing

    Trust the review photos, trust the process, and you'll reveal your *softest feet ever*.

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    You've *no doubt* read about Baby Foot ($25 on Amazon) on BuzzFeed dot com the website before (and seen some amazing shedding photos from reviewers all over). Well, gentle reader, allow me to add my voice to the chorus of satisfied customers.

    Dead callus skin peeling away from author's heel

    I am an aggressive walker and don't always wear the most ~sensible shoes~. I lotion regularly, blah blah blah, but all that does is really just soften — not remove — the hardened skin that's been building up for ages. So last year while working from home, I decided to take my own advice and give Baby Foot a try. And boy oh boy did it work. Years' of calluses peeled away, and my lotion routine got *more* effective for daily maintenance.

    Author wearing heels with thought bubble "I love wearing impractical shoes"

    Now I didn't take before photos THAT time (I know, I'm sorry readers), but it was glorious.

    So a few weeks ago I decided to do it again before at-home pedicure and sandal season commences. I was already starting with softer feet thanks to last year's Baby Foot, but winter dryness and another layer of calluses was ready to go.

    Author's foot with hardened calluses on three areas of the ball of the foot

    Here's how you use it: Cut open the top of the booties (they're like a loosely foot-shaped bag full of exfoliating goo), pop them on your feet, and sit with them on for an hour.


    The booties fit up to a women's size 13/men's size 12 BTW! And they come with little adhesive tapes so you can secure the top around your ankle, but I would *definitely* recommend putting them on very close to where you're going to spend your hour sitting. They're really very awkward to walk in.

    And remember that the goo *is* a chemical exfoliant, so read the ingredients for potential allergies, and definitely *don't* use Baby Foot if you have any cuts or open blisters. It WILL sting. FWIW, I have sensitive skin, and these don't bother me!

    Then just wash your feet off well and live your life. A few days later (5–7 days, but it varies depending on your skin and whether you soak your feet!) you can just sit back and watch your dead, dry skin fall right off.


    They recommend soaking your feet to speed things up, but I don't do that, just shower as usual and everything works out great! If you want the really BIG pieces of skin to come off all at once, you should definitely soak your feet for a little bit every day.

    Yes you *will* be vacuuming up a lot of dead skin pieces during the shedding process. But you'll also reveal softer, smoother feet with no more cracked, dry heels or super thick calluses.

    Author's feet after baby foot with softer, less visible calluses but text "still enough padding to keep my elizabeth bennet style walks comfy"

    Shoutout to my beloved Tineco vacuum for ~picking up the pieces~ of my life!

    And you don't have to take my word for it — Baby Foot's Amazon listing has TONS of somewhat gross, but deeply satisfying reviews (and photos!). Let's check out a few together:,

    "I'm obsessed. This stuff works exactly as expected. Definitely soak feet for about an hour, put on booties for an hour, then rinse with soap and water. Soak every day after, and for the next two weeks, for five to ten minutes...wear socks as much as you can and at least for 20–30 min after daily soak. Tops of your feet and ankles will not peel off in sheets, but that skin is usually much softer than bottom of the foot. Bottom of feet and toes started peeling about 48 hours after treatment. Big peeling started about 24 hours after that. This even softened the feel of two large surgical scars on my ankle and foot. Tips: Do NOT moisturize at all during peeling process. Don't do this within two weeks of having your bare feet exposed to the's kind of gross in a neat way. I have very sensitive skin and didn't get any kind of irritation. It's impossible to NOT peel the huge pieces, but make sure you stop peeling if you get resistance. You don't want to create wounds or sore spots. I'm hooked and will do this again and again." —Shannon

    "OMG, I FORGOT that I'd used this a couple of days ago and tonight when I got in the bath I felt a weird fluttery sensation around my feet, the old rough skin was almost all off! It says it takes about a week but the skin underneath is so much softer! And...this may be gross but...the skin that came off wasn't like sunburnt skin paper-thin peeling off, it's a pretty thick layer of skin that comes off, which is exactly what I wanted. Will buy again as needed and will recommend to friends and family." —Julie Wright

    The results are very ~a-peel-ing~.

    A before/during after photo showing how the baby foot helped cracked feet

    "This product is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m a hairstylist and I’m on my feet most of the day...and always in heels. Thankfully the silver lining of being out of work for two months due to COVID-19 is that I was able to give me feet a break, and some time to shed that extra skin. GIVE YOURSELF TWO WEEKS before you attempt to wear open-toed shoes. My feet feel like butter and there was no pain during this process whatsoever!" —Sara Johnson

    "So, I have been wanting to try Baby Foot for YEARS and was very skeptical it would work for me. I get painful callouses on my heals and spend a lot of time trying to moisturize and exfoliate. No matter how hard I tried, there were still small areas where the skin would crack (which was painful). So, since I am working from home these days, I thought I would give this a try. I did my research and read all of the tips from other users. DEFINITELY soak daily. This was the game changer for me. I cannot believe how much skin came off. Most importantly, the cracked skin is just GONE!!!! I have no idea how because I really thought I would need a second treatment, but I am one week in and almost done with the peeling process (it started around day 4 and got more 'intense' on days 5 and 6). My feet have never felt better and I am no longer in pain. Anyhow, I will be adding Baby Foot to my routine, for sure! So glad I gave it a chance!"—

    So if you've been wanting to try it for yourself but just...never got around to it...NOW is a great time. Get a pair of Baby Foot booties from Amazon for $25.

    Brb, imagining how amazing it would be to use Baby Foot on Hobbit feet after the journey to Mordor.

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