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    21 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That People Actually Swear By

    Cooking is an art and these appliances will help you make your Mona Lisa.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite kitchen gadgets. Get ready, because here are the (amazing) answers!

    1. A compact air fryer that proves you don't have to completely give up fried food to eat healthier. Air fryers are Twitter's favorite kitchen appliance for a reason.

    The air fryer in red, featuring an analog timer, round temperature dial, and convenient handle for removing the basket

    2. A garlic twist because mincing garlic is annoying and this gets the job done in seconds. Reviewers say it puts garlic pressers to shame.

    A person using the garlic twist

    3. A julienne peeler to remove razor thin slivers of fruits and veggies with ease. If you're not into eating the skin, definitely invest in this.

    The peeler and a peeled carrot

    4. A splurge-worthy chef's knife that's so good, it'll make your existing knives look like they cut with plastic.

    The knife

    5. An ergonomic can opener – it's easy on the joints, a truly amazing feat if you've ever used a can opener.

    A person using the can opener

    6. A compact manual food chopper that lowkey looks like a lawnmower that cuts onions, peppers, cauliflower, and other things that aren't grass.

    A model using the food chopper

    7. A rice cooker because getting the perfect rice every time means saving food, aka saving 💰💰💰.

    The rice cooker and several cups of rice

    8. A veggie spiralizer that makes eating zucchini, squash, carrots, and other typically boring foods 10 times more fun.

    A hand using the spiralizer, which is similar to a large pencil sharpener, to make zucchini noodles

    9. An Instant Pot – it pretty much does it all. Finally, they can use a single pot to make soups, stews, sautees, meats, steamed veggies, and even warm up food. Anyone living in a small space will appreciate a tool that will replace seven appliances — save kitchen space and 💰.

    10. A sous vide precision cooker that cooks food in a vaccuum sealed bag to maximum tenderness for peak flavor. Reviewers loved how easily they could adjust the temperature.

    The product being used to cook food

    11. An electric kettle to boil water in minutes without having to fire up the stove or turn on the microwave.

    A reviewer's electric kettle

    12. A no-fuss Crock-Pot that'll make amazing queso, chili, or soup in the background while you go about your day.

    A crock pot

    13. An apple divider for those who prefer thin, dippable slices over biting into whole fruit.

    A person using the tool to cut an apple

    14. A covered cake pan so genius, it has a guideline grid on the edge to make sure everything is cut evenly.

    The pan and cover

    15. A handheld pot strainer for draining the pasta without having to dirty up a whole other appliance. Bonus: it's easy to handle, wash, and store.

    A person using the tool to drain water

    16. A manual food chopper because it's ten times easier to use than a fork when it comes to mashing potatoes, seasoning meats, and making baby food.

    17. A fish spatula that SpongeBob would totally drool over. I can't think of a better way to lift soft cookies, burgers, and more.

    The spatula is being used to flip fish

    18. A nonstick baking mat so you can keep your counters clean whilst channeling the spirit of Buddy the Cake Boss.

    Dough on the baking mat

    19. A garlic press and peeler set because the less you have to touch garlic, the less you'll smell like it two days after you finished cooking.

    A reviewer holding the garlic press

    20. An 8-cup food processor to prepare hummus, purees, salsas, and more in no time — thanks to its 350 watt engine. It's got a tube so you can easily add ingredients as the recipe calls for them, without making a mess.

    The food processor

    21. And a rotating oven that will ensure your pizzas are evenly cooked every single time without having to turn on the oven.

    You, after testing out the new sous vide cooker:

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