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17 Thoughts Mariah Carey Had While Taking This Picture With Katy Perry

Katy Lamby.

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Like a rightful Lamb, Katy Perry took time out of her busy schedule to attend church — aka Mariah Carey's #1 To Infinity residency concert at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Somehow, Katy was lucky enough to score a picture with the elusive chanteuse. Here are actual 100% legitimate thoughts MC had while posing next to her No. 1 fan:

1. "I didn't know Zooey Deschanel was a Lamb."

2. "She's paying for this, right?"

3. "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

4. "Was this a finalist on my season of American Idol?"

5. "I thought we weren't doing fan meet and greets?"

6. "LOL — she only has nine No. 1s?"

7. "Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse."

8. "I can't wait for 'All I Want For Christmas' to climb the charts again."

9. "Wow, Janis Ian looks good."

10. "Think happy thoughts: Ariana Grande waking up without a voice."

11. "She better not Instagram this."

13. "Bianca wouldn’t put up with this bleak shit."

14. "1... 2... 3... SECURITY."

15. "At least this isn't JLo."

16. "Is 'Infinity' No. 1 on the charts yet?"

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