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    Shailene Woodley Talked About "Secret Life" And Revealed She's Still Team Ricky

    "Maybe we can make an Adult Swim version of The Secret Life of the American Teenager?"

    In celebration of her new movie Adrift, we had the wonderful and talented Shailene Woodley answer YOUR fan questions while playing with adorable kittens...


    ...and TBH, it was purrfect:

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    In Adrift, your character gets stranded out at sea with her boyfriend. If you had to survive in a situation like that, who would you choose to be with and why? —cristinamoreno


    Shailene Woodley: I should probably say my boyfriend but I feel like after having been stuck at sea with Sam [Claflin] for 41 days, and having witnessed how we were able to support one another, I would first say my boyfriend and then I would say Sam [Claflin].

    If you weren’t an actress, what kind of career do you think you’d be pursuing? —rafi0728


    SW: I think I'd maybe be a teacher. I really like the idea of shaping young minds and inspiring them to be anything that they wanna be and encouraging growth through education.

    What are some of the most important things you’ve learned throughout your career as an actor? —hildea


    SW: It's important to have a good, strong sense of identity and self and to not take anything too seriously. I think throughout growing up in this industry, it's all too easy to give your power away and to let others' opinions really affect you in a deep way. It's important to constantly try and understand who you are outside of the labels in which others either give you or you design for yourself.

    Would you ever consider doing another season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? —Aylinsmom17


    SW: Maybe we can make an Adult Swim version of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? I might consider that — I think that could be a funny spin-off!

    Do you keep in touch with any of the cast from The Secret Life of the American Teenager? —lexig4120dd3df


    SW: I do keep in touch with some of the cast from Secret Life! Megan Park and I — who played Grace on the show — are still extremely close. I actually had a dream a couple weeks ago about the whole cast and that we all had this little reunion dinner. I told Megan about it and she reached out to Francia and I reached out to a couple cast members. I think, hopefully, we might do a cast dinner soon.

    I’ve gotta ask: Team Ricky or Team Ben? —Broadwaybby


    SW: Team Ricky, all the way! I just feel like he came around. He discovered that he wasn't perhaps the most supportive father in the beginning but recognized his mistakes and I'm all about forgiveness. I'd like to think that if I were in Amy's shoes, I would find forgiveness in order to create a happy little family for my child.

    Out of all the characters you've played, which one do you think you'd get along with the best if you met them in real life? —woodleymcnamara


    SW: I feel like I'd get along best with Tami, [my character from Adrift.] Simply because we both have very adventurous spirits and are very keen on exploring the world.

    What's at the top of your bucket list? —woodleymcnamara


    SW: I'd like to visit every single onsen in Japan, which is probably completely unattainable and an insane bucket list item but I'm a huge fan of hot springs and the Japanese culture.

    You have become an activist for so many important topics. What do you think are some good ways people can get out there and get their voices heard? —soccergirl


    SW: I think it's one thing to sign a petition or to retweet something, it's another thing to actually take definitive steps to create change. When we think about change, we think that we have to do something on a really big level in order to create a lot of progress but often times, change can be very simple and doesn't have to be huge.

    What can we expect from Season 2 of Big Little Lies and from your character Jane? —audreeb3


    SW: Oh gosh, I would get in so much trouble for talking a lot about it! For me, personally, I can't wait to see what Meryl Streep continues to do. Just working with her is so outstanding and spectacular and something I never thought that I'd have the opportunity to do. She really is the most dynamic actress and raises the bar for every single person in her presence to be a better artist.

    Can you share some of your natural beauty tips with us? —Whitney Jefferson


    SW: Honestly, I'm all about that joy life at the moment. Just freakin' laugh a lot and find the joy in every moment and I think you'll look the most beautiful. I do love makeup and I love putting on some red lips every now and then. I've been really into this brand at the moment called Pinch of Color and they make all of their products without any water! So all their lipsticks and concealers have no water in them, which is really sustainable and really good for the earth.

    Can we look forward to you running for public office someday? —Chris Henn


    SW: I mean, never say never! I think it's a long life to live and depending on which way our politics continue to go, maybe I'll feel— [gets distracted by a kitten].

    I think there's a lot of opportunity for change, and I don't know if I'll be a supporter of others running for a long time to come or if I'll be running myself one day, but I would never say never.

    Can't get enough of Shailene? Make sure to catch her in Adrift, in theaters now!


    And for more information on how to adopt adorable kittens like these or to support the work of Best Friends Animal Society, head over to!

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