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Melissa Joan Hart Just Hinted At A "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" Reboot

Brb, sqealing.

Melissa Joan Hart stopped by FABLife on Monday and made all '90s kids' hearts flutter by hinting that there might be a reboot of either Sabrina, The Teenage Witch or Clarissa Explains It All.

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Melissa Jo nonchalantly said she was going to a "meeting" after she was asked if she has any plans to reboot her '90s Nickelodeon sitcom Clarissa Explains It All:

"I am going to a meeting after this. They're throwing around Clarissa and Sabrina ideas."

But don't too excited yet — Melissa also said there's a lot of "politics" to figure out before either of the shows get a reboot:

"It depends on who's gonna give up rights, who's gonna do it, how's it going to be done. It's a lot of politics and we are nowhere near doing anything."


  1. Which show would you rather see get the reboot?

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Which show would you rather see get the reboot?
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    I want to see Clarissa explain new things!
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    I want to see Sabrina with a teenage witch daughter!
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    Neither. Give me a "Drive Me Crazy" sequel.

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