We Interviewed Maddie Ziegler While She Played With Puppies And It Will Make Your Heart Melt

    Talking Sia, her BFF Millie Bobby Brown, and more!

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    1. What was it like starring on a reality show at a young age?

    2. What was the transition like from dancing to acting?

    3. Who is your celebrity crush?

    4. Who do you look up to in the fashion world?

    5. Did you have any idea that Sia's "Chandelier" music video would be such a big hit?

    6. What’s the best piece of advice Sia has given you?

    7. What’s something no one knows about your BFF, Millie Bobby Brown?

    8. What’s the most important beauty tip you’ve learned?

    9. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

    You can catch Maddie's big-screen debut in The Book of Henry in theaters June 16th!

    And to learn more about how to adopt these insanely adorable puppies (or many others looking for a home), visit The Vanderpump Dog Foundation for more details.