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Kate Hudson Ranked Her Kiss With Liv Tyler In Her Top Three On-Screen Kisses

Matthew McConaughey, who?

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Back in 2000, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler shared a ~gentle~ kiss in the movie Dr. T and the Women. If you don't quite remember the embrace, here's a scene refresher:

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While Kate was on Watch What Happens Live's after show on Tuesday, a caller asked how her kiss with Liv ranked with her other on-screen kisses:

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Kate first explained her and Liv regret their sweet kiss, only because they wish they would've just "gone for it" and made out:

"It's so funny 'cause Liv and I talk about this all the time. We're like, 'We should've gone for it more.' It was so sweet, you know? It was such a sweet kiss. We should've just really made out. I don't know why we didn't."

But Kate still went on to rank the kiss in the top three of her favorite on-screen kisses because, well, Liv is her best friend:

"But she's my best friend so, I'd have to say way up there. Top three?"

Take that, Matthew McConaughey!

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