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27 Memories Everyone Who Was A Teen In 2007 Won't Ever Forget

How the fuck was this 10 years ago?

1. Seeing every girl attempt the Lauren Conrad braid after she debuted the look on The Hills...

2. ...and the Snooki poof.

3. Getting tricked into watching "Two Girls One Cup." (DON'T DO THIS.)

4. Not giving any fucks about the largest organ in your body: your skin.

5. Buying cheap versions of those "Stronger" glasses for some terrible reason.

6. Feeling bougie as fuck every time you played "Glamorous" on your iPod Mini.

#OTD in 2007, @Fergie was No. 1! 🏆

7. Wasting an entire Sunday uploading an album to Facebook and renaming it 1,000 times...

8. ...while spamming your friends with bumper stickers.

9. TBH, just enjoying the simpler times before your parents, grandparents, and your ultra-conservative uncle discovered the internet.

10. Spending 99 cents on these two one-hit-wonders:

11. Going to YouTube.com for the first time to watch "Shoes."

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12. Hearing T-Pain and Akon featured on EVERY FUCKING SONG but loving EVERY SINGLE ONE.

13. Having "WOOOHOOO/YEEEEWHOO" stuck in your head all damn day.

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14. Low-key watching Hannah Montana and LOVING her messy, flip-floppin' life.

15. Asking the one rich kid at your school if you could see their first-gen iPhone.

16. Watching Britney's VMAs performance with your group of friends in complete SHOCK.

17. Officially becoming a Rihanna fan.

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18. Feeling the life-changing effects of the "good-to-go" Crunchwrap Supreme for the first time.

19. Slipping Borat and "that's what she said" jokes into every conversation you ever had.

20. Going bowling after school..................on the Wii.

21. Getting annoyed by hearing Avril Lavigne's last big hit on the radio 24/7.

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22. Fucking yourself over in every math class because you played calculator games on your TI instead of learning.

23. Using your free time to get sick at playing the virtual drums, virtual guitar, and singing into a tone-deaf microphone.

24. Thirsting over Andy Samberg (with an added "no-homo" if you were a totally straight guy).

25. Navigating the hallways of your high school littered with "Pink" butts and "F" chests.

26. Crying alone in your room over all the deaths in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

27. And feeling heightened emotions over a crush thanks to a new country singer named Taylor Swift.

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