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BuzzFeed Month In Review: March, 2011

Using a special recipe of the biggest trending topics, the most viral posts from BuzzFeed users, staff, and partners, we've compiled the definitive list of the most viral stories from the last month!

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  • Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster

    By far the biggest story of the month was the March 11th Earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami and nuclear disaster. Among the most viral coverage of the story were the photo galleries and videos of the aftermath.

  • Many were surprised by the lack of looting. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried found out that there is such a thing is making jokes too soon, costing him his gig as the voice of the Aflac Duck, but for a professional troll like Rush Limbaugh, being horrible is how he pays the bills.

  • Charlie Sheen's Tigerblood

    Charlie Sheen kicked off the month of March by revealing the details of his polygamous porn star relationships then signing up for Twitter to turn his most quotable catchphrases Tigerblood and Winning into viral hashtags. These buzzwords were so "exploitable" that they fit equally well when paired with cats, New Yorker cartoons. As our collective attention to Sheen began to wain, he managed to squeeze out one good viral video with the help of Funny Or Die: Sheen's Winning Recipes. He has a tour of stage performances or something planned but nobody really cares about that any more.

  • Rebecca Black's Friday

    It all began three Friday's ago when virtual unknown Rebecca Black stopped the world in it's tracks with what many called the worst song ever. Literally overnight, dozens of Youtubers produced their own ironic cover versions, animated gifs and more.

  • Supermoon

    The Moon's perigee reached its closest point to the Earth this month, in a once-in-an-18-year phenomenon known as the Supermoon. Following the lunar event many were quick to upload their photos, although it should be noted that the size of the moon is easily exaggerated by a telephoto lens any day of the year.

  • Chris Brown Sexts, Breaks Window

    Musician Chris Brown made celeb gossip headlines this month when one of his ex-girlfriends leaked these nude photos he sent her from his cell phone. The leaked photos appeared conveniently around the release of his new album F.A.M.E. which he meant to discuss when appearing on Good Morning America. But when the interview was derailed into questions about his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna, Brown stormed off and broke a window.

  • Donald Trump Comes Out as a Birther

    The rich hairpiece known as The Donald appeared on The View this week, trolling viewers by aligning himself with conspiracy theorists who question the validity of President Obama's birth certificate. When pressed to prove his own citizenship, Mr. Trump's birth certificate turned out to be even more questionable than Obama's. Comedy Central roasted the powerful tycoon, affording us all the opportunity to see The Jersey Shore's The Situation fail miserably at telling jokes.

  • Operation Odyssey Dawn

    After watching Libyans try to wrestle their country from Gadhafi for weeks, the US finally intervened with Operation Odyssey Dawn, a coordinated air strike by the US and our allies, targeting defenses in Tripoli and Benghazi.

  • All Eyes On Sucker Punch Star Vanessa Hudgens

    Zack Snyder's action flick Sucker Punch debuted in theaters to mixed reviews. While many skipped the film, all of the attention focused on star Vanessa Hudgens for making out with Alexa Nikolas, and (you knew this was coming, say it with me now) leaked nude photos.

  • Elizabeth Taylor Passes Away

    Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away this month at the age of 79, but not before sharing a sad secret about the late James Dean. Among the most viral Liz Taylor content is this gallery of her most stunning photos, this rundown of all of her husbands, and this collection of little known Liz Taylor trivia.

  • Teen Mom Star Brawls

    Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans shocked no one when this catfight video surfaced. But we all watched with popcorn in hand.

  • Tiger Woods' New Lady

    Tiger Woods has been spotted with with a new lady friend: 22 year old law student Alyse Lahti Jonson. Piggy-backing on the story's viral momentum was this hilarious example of ironic product placement.

  • Rapper Nate Dogg Passes Away

    Rapper Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale died this month after suffering two strokes at the age of 41. In tribute, musicians across the web released remixes of hits like "Regulate."

  • Schoolyard Brawl Goes Viral

    A video of a fight in an English schoolyard went viral this month after being widely portrayed as a bullying-victim getting even. Casey Heynes, dubbed Zangief Kid by the Internet at large spoke out about the situation on A Current Affair, as did apparent instigator Richard Gale on Today Tonight.

  • Cobra Loose In Bronx Zoo

    A cobra escaped its cage in the Bronx Zoo this week, inspiring a satirical Twitter account, and a hilarious conversation between two twin toddlers.

  • Ina Gartner Snubs Dying Child

    Barefoot Contessa chef Ina Garten was met with the Internets ire after her people a young leukemia sufferer's wish to meet her. Upon learning of the news, Garten agreed to the meeting, but 6-year old Enzo changed his mind, opting instead for the much cooler choice of swimming with dolphins.

  • Viral Video: Baby Spooked By Mom's Nose

    Racking up 12 million views in just a few short days, this baby's reaction to mommy blowing her nose is pricelessly cute.

  • Renewed Nostalgia For Old Timey Black And Whites

    With so many bizarre images being produced so easily through digital photography and Photoshop we often forget that the 19th and 20th centuries had their fair share of photo oddities as well. Cracked rounded up a nice collection of these, as did our own Matt Stopera coincidentally.

  • Racist White Girl at UCLA Complains About Asians In The Library

    Bleach-blond, make-up caked UCLA student Alexandra Wallace made herself famous on Youtube this month by venting about how all of the "ching chong ling long" going on in the library kept her from reaching her "epiphanies." Of course, the response videos are the most impressive,/a> part of the meme.

  • Jennifer Aniston Shills For SmartWater

    Jennifer Aniston starred in this mock-viral ad for SmartWater. It is a real viral ad, but the self-aware manner in which the medium is joked about left some viewers feeling unimpressed. But calling it a sex tape sure helped boost the numbers.

  • Jon Stewart Takes On Fox News

    In his finest form, Daily Show host Jon Stewart took Fox News to task when they unfairly equated teachers and Wall Street stock brokers in a criticism of Wisconsin's union woes.