• 1. She was pronounced dead in 1960 while filming Butterfield 8 due to a rare strain of pneumonia. She obviously survived.

  • 2. She was the first actress to earn $1,000,000 for a movie role in Cleopatra (1963). At $194,800, the budget for Elizabeth Taylor’s costumes in this film was the highest ever for a single screen actor. Her 65 costumes included a dress made from 24-carat gold cloth.

  • 3. She has owned some of the world’s most magnificent jewelry, including the the 33-carat “Krupp Diamond”, the Duchess of Windsor diamond brooch, the Grand Duchess of Russia emeralds, the “LaPeregina Pearl” (which was a Valentine present from her from Richard Burton), and the famous pear-shaped 69-carat “Burton-Cartier Diamond” Burton gave her in 1969 (subsequently renamed the “Burton-Taylor Diamond.”

    Elizabeth shows off the Krupp Diamond.

  • 4. She had broken her back 5 times. Many of her back problems have been traced to 1945 when she hurt her back falling off a horse during the filming of “National Velvet.”

  • 5. The premiere of her film Father of the Bride (1950) took place two days after her real-life marriage to Conrad Hilton Jr.. The publicity surrounding the event is credited with helping to make the film so successful. The marriage lasted as long as the 3 month European honeymoon. Irreconcilable differences were cited in the divorce court.

  • 6. She spoke Maggie Simpson’s first word on The Simpsons — “Daddy!”

  • 7. She was a frequent guest at the infamous Studio 54.

    This is a picture from the last Studio 54 party with Liza Minelli.

  • 8. She did not attend The 75th Annual Academy Awards due to her opposition to the Iraq war.

  • 9. In 1963, while the highest paid American business executive earned $650,000 and President John F. Kennedy’s salary was $150,000, she received at least $2.4 million.

    In 1963 the movie Cleopatra came out.

  • 10. The 1963 Andy Warhol portrait of hers was sold for $ 23.7 million to an anonymous bidder at a Christie’s auction in New York.

  • 11. Elizabeth Taylor and Shirley Jones are the only actresses to win Oscars for playing prostitutes in the same year: Taylor for BUtterfield 8 (Best Actress) and Jones for Elmer Gantry (Best Supporting Actress).

  • 12. Her first Oscar nomination for Raintree County (1957) marks her first of 4 consecutive nominations, a feat she shares with Jennifer Jones (1943-46), Thelma Ritter (1950-53), Marlon Brando (1951-54) and Al Pacino (1972-75).

  • 13. She was a heavy smoker until being mistakenly diagnosed with lung cancer in October 1975.

  • 14. On Monday evening, November 8, 2010, Andy Warhol’s “Men in Her Life”, a 1962 painting based on an image of Elizabeth Taylor between husbands, was auctioned at Phillips de Pury & Company’s new salesroom on Park Avenue in New York City. An unidentified bidder bought it for $63.3 million.

  • 15. Her romantic life began at 17, when she became engaged to all-American football hero, Glenn Davis. Then came a second engagement, to William Pawley, son of a U.S. ambassador to Brazil.

    Here she is with Glenn Davis.

  • 16. She converted to Judaism in 1959.

  • 17. Her Jewish name is Elisheba Rachel.

  • 18. She loves “Law & Order” and had seen every episode.

  • 19. She hated being called Liz because it can sound like a hiss.

  • 20. Her biggest film paycheck was for $2.5 million for The Flinstones (1992). Her lowest was for $100 a week for Lassie Come Home (1943).

  • 21. She was Godmother of two of Michael Jackson’s children, Paris and Prince Michael.

  • 22. She has appeared solo on the cover of PEOPLE magazine fourteen times, second only to Princess Diana.

  • 23. Elizabeth had given Michael many gifts for his Neverland Ranch including this custom made wooden horse. She married one of her husbands there in 1992.

  • 24. She joined Twitter in 2009 during a stay in a hospital.

  • 25. She was born covered in hair. Elizabeth was born suffering from the condition hypertrichosis, a rare disease that leaves the victim with a thick, dark coat of hair. Luckily the hair fell off within a matter of days.

  • 26. She used to shaved her face for completely bare skin and an added dose of exfoliation. Marilyn Monroe also did the same.