The Justice Department heads back to the justices.

Chris Geidner • 23 hours ago

Whitaker's installation at the Justice Department has been painted as another Trump effort to influence investigations against him and his campaign. But it would not have been possible without changes in law pushed by Democrats.

Chris Geidner • 3 days ago

The sentencing memo that special counsel Robert Mueller filed in Michael Cohen’s case said a lot about his ongoing Russia investigation.

Chris Geidner • 4 days ago

Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former longtime lawyer, has pleaded guilty to multiple federal charges and is seeking to avoid prison.

Chris Geidner • 4 days ago

Federal law requires the vacancy and any acting appointment to be reported "immediately" to the Government Accountability Office. A month after the shakeup at the Department of Justice, the GAO hasn't been informed.

Chris Geidner • 5 days ago

The case challenges the longstanding rule that separate state and federal prosecutions do not violate the Constitution's ban on double jeopardy.

Chris Geidner • 6 days ago

Courts have been skeptical of the administration’s attempts to bar transgender people from serving in the military.

Chris Geidner • 19 days ago

"We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges," Roberts said. Trump, in response, took to Twitter to fight back.

Chris Geidner • 21 days ago

A long time coming — but it’s not yet clear whether Mueller will seek further questioning of Trump.

Chris Geidner • 21 days ago

President Trump announced Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general in a tweet. That’s all the paperwork that’s been released.

Chris Geidner • 21 days ago

“Because Whitaker’s appointment does not satisfy the Appointments Clause, it is unlawful, and he cannot serve as Acting Attorney General,” the lawyers wrote.

Chris Geidner • 25 days ago

If the Justice Department is successful in its arguments, those challenging the actions of other agencies could face limits on how they can make their case.

Chris Geidner • 26 days ago

Maine's 2nd Congressional District is set to send the first person to the House under a ranked-choice voting system.

Chris Geidner • 27 days ago

A new opinion from the department’s Office of Legal Counsel pushes back against questions raised over the past week about whether acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker’s appointment is constitutional.

Chris Geidner • 28 days ago

Corsi, formerly of the Infowars conspiracy site, announced the expected indictment on a livestream Monday.

Chris Geidner • 29 days ago

Matthew Whitaker's appointment as acting attorney general is being questioned as possibly illegal. His qualifications aren't winning praise either.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The 9th Circuit’s ruling is the first from an appeals court to weigh in on the Trump administration’s decision to end the program.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The last time the administration asked the court to consider DACA's legality, the court told the Justice Department it wanted to hear from the appeals court first.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The justices, however, strongly suggested that the 9th Circuit should take another look at the case before it goes to trial.

Chris Geidner • One month ago

The order comes days before the trial is scheduled to begin.

Chris Geidner • One month ago