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    Just Some Really Cool Stuff To Check Out This Week

    What to watch, play, read, and more.

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    1. Watch Sneaky Pete.


    Created by and starring Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame, Sneaky Pete is a delightfully twisty and edge-of-your-seat drama following disgraced conman Marius, who, upon his release from prison, finds out he's in more danger than ever and decides to steal his old cellmate's identity in hopes of conning cash of his family. Cranston plays Vince, a chilling gangster with a violent streak who's holding Marius's younger brother captive. It's Oceans Eleven meets The Sopranos and it's incredibly watchable.

    Watch it on Amazon Prime.

    Or take Amna's suggestion: "I fully recommend watching Call My Agent on Netflix. Sure, you might need subtitles since it's in French and set in Paris but the show is worth the extra effort. I am personally convinced that by the end of Season 2 my latent French will be much improved because that's how it works, right? If anything you will pick up a few handy expletives to add to your swear bank.

    "Call My Agent is truly funny and captivating. It revolves around the politics that take place in an agency where the agents are trying to keep their celebrity clients happy and the company from going under, all while navigating their very messy personal lives."

    2. Read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.


    With the announcement of Pullman's upcoming trilogy of "equals" to Lyra's adventures, it's time to start a reread of the original series. Would recommend this handy all-in-one edition, or the audiobooks, narrated by Pullman himself.

    Or check out the lovely debut novel from Katie Khan, Hold Back the Stars.

    3. Listen to Live at Brixton by Public Service Broadcasting.

    Hilary says: "This amazing, creative alternative/electronica band use historical samples in their show: recordings of the moon landings, old World War II news reports, about the first ascent of Everest, that sort of thing. They really are amazing live, and if you've never managed to see one of their shows then this limited-edition album is the next best thing."

    Or check out the true crime podcast My Favorite Murder – and don't miss this really interesting piece about it.

    4. Download Shuffle Cats.

    I don't really know how it happened, but I am completely obsessed with this game now. Play high-stakes, quickfire games of Rummy against other players online and move up through the ranks for glory. I don't know what it has to do with cats but I don't care. It's wicked fun and requires just enough concentration to shut your brain off from the world around you.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    Or treat yourself to one of my favourite photo-editing apps, A Color Story.

    5. Cook this fluffy Japanese cheesecake.

    Facebook: video.php

    There used to be a bakery by my house that did the most wonderful, light, and almost mousse-y Japanese cheesecakes for 60p. Then they shut down and I mourned that loss, but this recipe is a game-changer – treat yourself, you won't be sorry.

    Get the recipe here.

    Or try this hidden-veggie mac 'n' cheese.

    6. Try cross-stitching.

    7. Follow daily_paintings on Instagram.

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