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17 People Tell Us How They Treat Themselves After A Really Bad Day

Because caring for myself is not self-indulgence.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they treat themselves after a bad day. Here are some of their responses.

1. Small acts of kindness.

I log out of every single intrusive media (Facebook, Twitter, TV, news) then I leave the house, and I find someone to do something nice for. I bought another table's breakfast two weekends ago. I buy gift cards at the coffee place and tell the cashier to use them to buy people's drinks until the money's gone. I put fivers in the pockets of jeans at the mall. I go walk dogs at the shelter. I do nice things for a world that needs nice things because I believe that's how to fix the world – through small, surprising joys.

– Madonna Kilpatrick-Kielion, Facebook

2. Post a meme.

I sometimes find posting an anxiety-related joke or subtle meme about being down on Facebook. It resonates with other people and often they’ll come out the woodwork commenting and messaging you. As strange as this is, it’s kind of healing to realise how many other people are in the same boat as you. Often the comments and your openness can end up lifting not only your own mood but also theirs, and it’s oddly comforting.


3. Books!

Literature. It might be escapist, but good grief, books will save us all.

– Michael J Ritchie, Facebook

4. Cry it out.

If I’ve been driven to the point where I want to just scream, I’d recommend just going to a quiet place and just crying your worries out. If you can’t do that, I’d get out a piece of paper and draw a really remote and calming setting. Then I’d envision myself literally screaming in that safe place. It may sound extreme and almost insane, but actually letting your emotions run free helps you feel better instead of keeping them bottled up inside.


5. Artwork.

Painting has done me good amid stress and general awfulness. I'm not good at it and have no technique to speak of. But mixing my colours and putting them on a canvas and creating something shuts out whatever else is going on in my life or in my head. It's better than anything else I've ever tried. It's soothing and makes the time fly by. After an hour or two I feel so much calmer and more grounded.

– Bethany Harbison, Facebook

6. Going for a walk.

When I'm feeling down I go for a walk without any headphones or phone and I just enjoy the gorgeousness of the city. When I'm tired I sit on a bench and I enjoy watching life – for example, when I see two lovers kissing lovingly it makes me so happy – or I just wait to feel the wind or the sun on my face to feel alive. I also smile a lot to people I meet in the subway or in the street, and I try to help the ones who need help and they smile back and it's awesome. While walking I think about nothing. My mind is just blank and I just observe people and I love it, and when I'm lost in my thoughts, I try to tell myself how lucky I am for so many reasons.

– Perez Julie, Facebook

7. Note down what makes you smile.

A couple of months after my mum died I wrote a list of 366 things that make me smile, on the basis that if I could find that many reasons to smile then, there will always be something to smile for. I wrote silly things, like blankets, sitting on swings in a park, letting someone out in front of you when driving, dipping my feet in a swimming pool on holiday, dancing like an idiot, hearing the song you love on the radio...


8. Be around children you love.

I spend time with my daughters. It's funny how being around my kids makes me forget about the bad in the world; sometimes you just need to play Barbies or do some crafts and forget about things.

– Christina Oey, Facebook

9. Colour it away.

Finding new things to do that don't involve people. I ordered an adult coloring book full of curse words, I'm learning to crochet, and I volunteer at the animal shelter.

– Angela Christine, Facebook

10. Pride and Prejudice.

I watch Pride and Prejudice, either the 2005 version or the Colin Firth version, and eat more cookies than advisable.

– Neelam Patel, Facebook

11. Netflixing.

I’ll put on one of my favourite TV series on Netflix and I’ll sit knitting. Everything that was on my mind just gets cleared away ! If it’s been an extra stressful day I’ll have a few cups of tea.


12. Harry Potter!

I am binge-reading/watching/listening to Harry Potter. All the books, films, and audiobooks I can get my hands on. The nostalgia, beautiful story, and bravery of the characters in times of utter shite are so heartening. Watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them healed my fractured horcrux of a soul.


13. Spend time with pets.

I spend time with my cats and watch Parks and Recreation. Simple but effective.


14. Work it out.

The stronger my desire is to nap, eat desserts, or wallow in sorrow, the stronger I know I have to be to get myself to the gym and have a bomb workout. I always feel better after running, lifting, moving, and sweating for a while. And then if I still want to eat comfort food and relax when I get home, I don’t feel so bad about it!


15. Pizza, wine, and a hot bath.

Buy a large or extra large pizza, take a bottle of wine, take a hot, bubbly bath, and light up some candles. Then I rewatch Orange Is the New Black.


16. Chocolate in bed.

I have a lie-in and at some point eat crisps and chocolate in bed.


17. It's the little things.

I have recently had a very hard time with my mental health and even getting out of bed can be hard, never mind leaving the house. However, self-care can be something as small as cleaning, or showering with your favourite products, or drinking copious amounts of tea. If you can get the motivation together (I have had tiny amounts recently) then honestly light exercise does help, although we all know this isn’t possible if you’re mid-crisis.


Some responses have been edited for clarity.

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