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7 Stunning Women You Should Definitely Follow On Instagram

Hot off the gram.

1. Laura Miller

This page is filled with so many beautiful images, from stunning rolling hills to calming beach views, Laura's page is worth a follow. What's even more beautiful about the 'Love Walk Eat See' account is the story behind it. After Laura found out she was slowly going blind, she decided to change her life and explore the world. She has visited so many countries, and she shares the things she loves most.

2. Yagazie Emezi

Yagazie Emezi is a documentary photographer and her work focuses on the fashion and culture of Nigeria, where she was born and is currently based. Follow her to see beautiful images of Nigerians, gorgeous travel photos, and great fashion pictures.

3. Jessamyn Stanley

Instagram: @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is here to tell you that yoga is for everyone. She posts pictures as a way to dispel myths that being fit, and healthy only comes in one shape and size.

4. Katie Vigos

Instagram: @empoweredbirthproject

As you can tell from the name of the account, Katie's page is all about using pictures to share the story of childbirth. Her page inspires and empowers women through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. The birthing pictures on this page are so beautiful and breathtaking, definitely worth checking out.

5. Joanna Thangiah

Instagram: @joannathangiah

Joanna's brilliantly colourful illustrations speak for themselves. They are provocative drawings with a message. Her work speaks honestly about mental health, body image, and feminism.

6. Kelly Vittengl

Instagram: @francesloom

Kelly Vittengl has a thing for rugs, like she really loves them. She is an antique rug seller and has the most incredible selection of carpets on her feed. To add to her rug collection, she also has great shoes and gorgeous oversized dogs.

7. Virgie Tova

Instagram: @virgietovar

Virgie Tovar is a body positive activist who lives by the hashtag #LoseHateNotWeight. She uses her feed to encourage women to embrace and love their bodies, whatever their shape or size. She also shares pictures of her everyday life, and her stylish outfits.

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