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Just Some Cool Ways To Spend Your Time This Week

What to read, watch, play, and more.

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1. Watch Preacher.


This irreverent, darkly funny, and completely bonkers show is the perfect summer watch. Based on a cult comic, Preacher combines religious and horror mythologies with (presumably? I honestly don't know yet) sci-fi alien shit and time travel. It's totally weird and completely absorbing.

The killer cast includes Dominic Cooper as Jesse, a broody con-man turned (possessed?) preacher, a BRILLIANT Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, an Irish vampire/new BFF, and Ruth Negga as Jesse's old partner-in-crime/the baddest of bad women, bow down.

Watch it on Amazon Prime.

If you'd prefer something more family friendly, Netflix has just released a charming adaptation of The Little Prince.

2. Read What's a Girl Gotta Do?


Released last week, the final instalment of Holly Bourne's Spinster Club trilogy is a timely and necessary read. The book follows Lottie, a teen feminist who embarks on a project to call out every single instance of sexism she witnesses. It's an informative meditation on what it means to be a young woman today, but it also manages to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Get a copy here.

If YA doesn't strike your fancy, Hilary recommends The Silk Roads, a stunning popular history book.

3. Listen to Singing Bones.

Ailbhe recommends this podcast about the origins of fairy tales. "It takes a historical and analytic look at fairy tales, breaking them down by region and theme. And it's also got a bit of literary theory too. This all sounds very dry, but the music is amazing, and you get to hear excerpts of fairytales from all over the world."

Get it on iTunes or listen on the web.

If you'd rather rock out, Alan is all about blink-182's California this week.


4. Play Exploding Kittens.

The Oatmeal

Hiding in a deck of weird things is an exploding kitten, draw it and you're screwed – so most of the game is spent playing cards to avoid drawing cards, and marvelling at the weird and wonderful illustrations by the creator of The Oatmeal.

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE GAME, and the mobile version is just as excellent as the hard copy tabletop version, so invest in both.

Get the mobile version for iOS and Android. Buy the tabletop version here.

5. Cook these mac 'n' cheese breadsticks.


Why heat up a sad Sainsbury freezer meal when you can use it to stuff bread? This is a SUPER and easy choice for a Netflix night in, and I would happily munch on the leftovers for a day-after lunch.

Get the recipe here.

If you've got a sweet tooth, try this chocolate orange lava cake.

6. Try finding your tribe on

MeetUp might be the only meeting people app that actually helps forge friendships instead of descending into hookup searches. Find a group near you with hobbies like yours (or learn try out something completely new!), or start your own group to celebrate your interests with likeminds. It's lovely, safe, and free to join – and as the organiser of a MeetUp book group for the last two years, I can't say enough good things!

Browse groups on MeetUp here.

If you'd prefer to be antisocial, why not use your spare time to earn some cash?

7. Follow @EverythingGoats.

"I fucking love goats so I may be unfairly biased," says Rebecca. She is not. This account is everything, and I feel relatively neutral about goats.

Follow @EverythingGoats here.

If you don't appreciate goats, some reassurance from @thegoodquote might be just what you need.