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    29 Subscription Boxes To Sign Up For Now If You Simply Love Receiving Mail

    Raise your hand if your all-time favorite visitor is the UPS/USPS/FedEx delivery person 🤚

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An ~affordable~ and aesthetic candle subscription because fall is on the horizon and there's simply nothing cozier than lighting up a new scent and crawling under the covers.

    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed, Vellabox

    Vellabox subscriptions start at just $10 per month (!!) and if you choose to pay upfront for a 6- or 12-month subscription, you'll save even more $$$. No matter which size/frequency you go with, each box features small-batch, hand-poured candles from American artisans.

    I have been subscribed to this box for ~6 or so months now and I LOVE it. The candles smell incredible, the jars/labels are soo aesthetically pleasing, and they're even packaged in reusable drawstring bags. I also appreciate the little card that comes in the box that explains the scent and gives you a lil' more info on the candlemaker so you can shop them directly for additional scents.

    Get it from Vellabox for $10+/month (available in 6- or 12-month subscriptions).

    2. A Bespoke Post membership if your idea of fun mail includes a ~personalized~ mix of themed, under-the-radar goods from small businesses.

    a bespoke post box with items like razors, bar tools, and watches
    Bespoke Post

    When you initially sign up, you'll take a quiz so Bespoke Post can get an idea of what kind of products you like. Then, each month, you'll receive an email with a preview of what's in your coming box (could be anything from home, kitchen, bar, outdoor, grooming, and men's apparel) so you can swap items or skip altogether. At that time you can also provide feedback so your next box is even more customized the next time around. 

    Get it from Bespoke Post for $45/month. 

    3. A Rocksbox membership because you're all about designer duds but not so much dropping the $$$ to outright own them. Instead, rent out three pieces at a time from brands like Kate Spade and Kendra Scott and then slip them back in the mail when the month's up.,

    If you grow super attached to a piece and can't bear to part with it, you can always buy it, too! Rocksbox will apply your $21 monthly membership fee to the purchase and you'll just pay the difference.

    Get it from Rocksbox for $21/month.

    4. A build-a-box subscription from Nick's so your freezer never sees an ice cream–free day. (The absolute HORROR.)

    arms around a bunch of pints of ice cream

    When founder Niclas “Nick” Luthman was diagnosed as prediabetic, he set out to make an ice cream that he could still enjoy while making sure he was taking care of his health. As such, his Swedish-style pints have no added sugar and are instead sweetened with plant-based ingredients like soluble corn fiber. 

    They currently have 23 flavors from classics like mint chocolate chip and vanilla to more uncommon flavors like Swedish lemon bar. 

    Get it from Nick's for $59.94+ (available in boxes of 6 or 23 pints). 

    5. A big ol' box of pickles if you're known as the "pickle friend" in all your social circles. Now you can enjoy them in peace without anyone making ludicrous comments about how "disgusting" they are.

    a box with various types of pickles

    Every month you'll get a mix of four made-in-America pickles from the obvious (classic bread-and-butter chips) to the out-there (pickled tomatoes for topping off your martini).

    Get it from Mouth for $60/month on a pay-as-you-go plan or save if you sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription. 

    6. A Book of the Month subscription for lit lovers who want to keep up on of-the-moment reads before they become a major motion picture.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed, Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Every month, you get to choose between five titles. Depending on how slow/fast you read, you can also opt to skip a month if you need more time to finish your current title.

    Get a subscription from Book of the Month for $49.99+ (available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions).

    Need more details before taking the plunge? Head to our more in-depth Book of the Month review for more deets!

    7. A Goldbelly monthly subscription if you're a foodie who'd love to support restaurants big, small, and in every corner of the country.


    Pick from specific foods (cookies, BBQ, pizza) or locations (NYC, SF, Chicago), or just go with a Best of Goldbelly box for a lil' bit of everything legendary.

    Promising review: "What’s not to like about Goldbelly? Any famous food from practically any restaurant. Very unique gift to give!" —Jesse

    Get a monthly subscription box from Goldbelly for $45+ (available in 1- to 12-month subscriptions).

    8. A Vinyl Me, Please membership for music enthusiasts just getting into LPs or those rounding out their decades-old collection.

    A pile of vinyls with bows
    Vinyl Me, Please

    Every month, you can choose between a curated Essentials, Classics, or Hip-Hop LP (you can also listen to both the A- and B-side tracks before deciding). If you're not super jazzed about the options, you can also switch for a record of their choosing!

    Get it from Vinyl Me, Please for $119+ (available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions).

    9. A Yes Plz Coffee subscription so you can get new beans delivered straight to your door every week (or every other week, or once a month — you get it).

    The coffee beans which come in a clear plastic bag
    Yes Plz Coffee

    Beans for the single-origin releases and blends are sourced from around the world before being roasted in Los Angeles. And you can trust the guys behind Yes Plz — Tony (Tonx) Konecny and Sumi Ali — as the coffee-obsessed duo worked as baristas, head roasters, and "nomadic coffee consulters" at beloved joints like Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, and Victrola Coffee before diving into their own direct-to-consumer roasting company.

    Get it from Yes Plz Coffee for $17+ (available in two sizes and your choice of one to four shipments a month).

    10. Or, if tea is more your speed, a Simplicity Tea subscription so you can try out two new fancy-shmancy loose leafs every month.

    Four tubes of tea: lemon cloud, romance, hazelnut cinnamon, and mango mate

    The woman-founded brand also offers a personalization quiz so you can set your preferences ahead of time and ensure nothing goes to waste.

    Promising review: "I got these as a gift for a family member — during these COVID times, holiday gift giving had to look a little different. I'll keep doing this even after the pandemic is over! Thank you, Simplicity Teas — LOVE your selections, the shipping, and all of it — well done, you!" —Christina A.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $19.17+/month (available in two sizes).

    11. A subscription-based letter service that will send history-lovin' fiends *real* letters from historical figures — each reproduced on cotton paper or parchment and sealed with a stamp.

    A hand holding a reproduced letter addressed from Albert Einstein to FDR

    The weekly letters cover a variety of timely topics and events from the 1600s onward and come with additional info for context. According to Letterjoy, recent themes have included Supreme Court battles, the birth of the automobile, and Civil War spies.

    Get a subscription from Letterjoy for $49.99+ (available in 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions; letters are sent weekly).

    12. A classic Murray's Cheese of the Month membership for those who fancy themselves some fromage. Each box comes with three to four types of cheese and a tasting card with suggested beverage pairings. 🥂

    A selection of cheeses from November 2019 with a tasting card

    Get it from Murray's for $63+ (available as a 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription).

    13. A Hunt A Killer subscription for those who're always upset when the murder on Unsolved Mysteries goes...unsolved. With this monthly kit, you can do your own detective work decoding ciphers, piecing together timelines, and going through a victim's personal effects in order to get to the bottom of their case.

    A Hunt A Killer box with newspaper clippings, police documents, letters, and other paperwork
    Hunt A Killer

    Hunt A Killer currently has 10 different box sets that ship in six monthly installments and eight all-in-one premium kits, which can be completed in a single night. Themes include the Blair Witch experience (self-explanatory), Baker's Dozen (players have to figure out which cooking show contestant plans to poison the judges), and The Woods (a paranormal investigation in which you have to find out how a young woman has been afflicted by an ancient evil).

    Get it from Hunt A Killer for $25+/per month (you can buy a one-time box or 6- or 12-month subscription).

    14. A flexible EveryPlate subscription so you can forget about cooking after a long day at work and enjoy a homestyle meal that takes less than an hour to to whip up.

    Moo Shu beef bowls

    When signing up, you can choose how many people you're looking to feed (two or four) and how many meals you'll likely want per week (three to five). Each week, you'll have 16 meals to choose from. So you have an idea, some recent options have included crispy Caesar chicken with roasted carrots and garlic mashed potatoes, Cuban-style bean and rice bowls, and thyme-seasoned steak with garlic ciabatta and roasted green beans.

    If you're going away for a week or know you won't have time to cook anything, you can always skip a week, too. It's truly that flexible.

    Get a subscription from EveryPlate for $4.99/serving + shipping.

    15. A BootayBag subscription because once you reach adulthood, there's nothing quite like new undergarments — especially ones you don't have to shop for yourself.


    When you sign up you can choose the length of the subscription and whether you'd like to receive one or two pairs a month. You can also set style preferences (e.g., yes/no to thongs). Before checkout, you can also decide whether to add a matching bra or not.

    Get a subscription from BootayBag for $10+/month.

    16. A Piquant Post subscription sure to please those who — without fail — comment on how their meal could use more flavor or kick.

    Casablanca blend, ras el hanout, chermoula, and harissa seasoning packets
    Piquant Post

    Piquant Post is a small business based in San Francisco, CA. Each box comes with three to four spice blends and recipes for four+ meals each would compliment. 

    Get a subscription for $11.99+ (available in 1-, 6-, or 12-month options).

    17. A FaceTory sheet mask subscription so you can take your self-care routine to the next level with the latest K-beauty products that can be hard to find in store.

    a variety of sheet masks

    Promising review: "I love this subscription! I get four unique masks every month, and have enjoyed every one. My skin always looks and feels amazing after my weekly mask time!" —Andrea T.

    Get a four-mask box from Amazon for $8.90/month (also available in boxes of seven).

    18. A Lola subscription if your partner means well but — bless their heart — always grabs you the wrong sanitary items when you send them on an emergency run to CVS. Now you'll always be stocked up.


    FYI, the tampons are made with 100% organic cotton (tampon and string). Pads and liners have 100% organic cotton topsheet and core. I'm a fan of the compact plastic applicator tampons.

    Get a box of six regular and six heavy pads from Lola for $9/month. Check out the rest of the period products here.

    19. A Jiggy puzzle membership for those who prefer to bide their quarantine 2.0 time by piecing together jigsaws (and *responsibly* drinking adult beverages all the while).

    Two people completing a puzzle

    Jiggy is a woman-founded brand that also ships carbon neutral.

    Get a membership from Jiggy for $32/month (available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions; pay up front and save 5%).

    20. A Fearless Nail Art subscription so you'll always have a supply of decals, stencils, foils, wraps, rhinestones, brushes, and more. That way, you can 💅 nail 💅 the latest mani trends without dropping $100 at the salon.

    a nail art kit from the box
    @fearlessnailart / Via

    Each month you'll receive five or six nail art items including a Born Pretty stamping plate, nail art decals, glitter, nail striping tapes, charms, rhinestones, flat-back pearls, nail wraps, and more.

    Promising review: "I'm always amazed at how much every box includes. Hands down the best subscription box I've ever received. Top-quality themed boxes, and it even includes OPI polishes! I'm never disappointed and I recommend that anyone who loves unique, quality nail products try it!" —Kathryn M.

    Get it from Cratejoy starting at $12.23/month, or from Fearless Nail Art starting at $12.99/month.

    21. A splurge-worthy meat subscription full of mouthwatering BBQ selections like Memphis-style baby back ribs, vanilla bourbon bacon, and garlic butter brats — plus (!) all the fixins'.

    Pig of the Month

    Pig of the Month — aka POTM — is a woman-owned small business from Lea Richards. After paying a small fortune for a disappointing mail-order BBQ box, she set to work creating her own incredible selections that could be delivered straight to her customers' doors.

    Every month you'll receive a themed box (think: Texas-style, old-school NYC deli-style, and breakfast) of BBQ meats, sauces, and sides.

    Promising review: "Wife bought the package for my birthday and it's a favorite of mine. Highly recommend. Extra 🥓 please 😎." —Tiny

    Get it from Pig of the Month for $255+ (available in 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month subscription lengths).

    22. A "boring" but clutch Billie razor subscription so you never run out of replacements — especially in key moments like "Oh dang, I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I haven't shaved in six months."

    Hands holding a "Billie" box with a periwinkle razor peeking out

    Get it from Billie starting at $9.

    My colleague Kayla Suazo has this razor and loves it! Check out her full review to learn more.

    23. And, similarly, a sensible Quip subscription for the dental hygiene obsessed who'd never dream of being without a stock of toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and brush heads.

    four metallic quip toothbrushes stuck to a mirror in their holders

    Get a starter set from Quip for $25+ with $5+ refills every three months.

    Check out one BuzzFeeder's full review of the Quip toothbrush as the best inexpensive option to learn more!

    24. A monthly Japanese snack subscription so you can try out different versions of popular candies like sake Kit Kats and cherry Pocky, as well as traditional treats like Yamato Shrimp Crackers and Yakisoba Taro.

    the orange subscription boxes full of candy and snacks
    Tokyo Treat

    If you're weighing out your options, classic boxes come with 12 full-size items while premium boxes come with 17 (including a drink, anime-themed snack, a party pack, and more).

    Get it from Tokyo Treat for $22.50+ (available in classic and premium options and 1-, 3-, 6, and 12-month subscriptions).

    25. A monthly Foot Cardigan subscription if you've reached the point in adulthood where receiving socks as a gift is no longer boring but just the opposite — incredibly exciting!, Foot Cardigan

    Each month you'll get a new pair of funky socks. You can pick from crew, premium, or no-show, and even switch up the style for the next month if you wish. Plus, as a sock club member, you'll get 20% off individual purchases, free shipping, and exclusive discounts so you can expand your collection at any time.

    Get it from Foot Cardigan for $12.99+/month.

    26. A Smartass & Sass box with eight to nine hand-curated items (think: candles, accessories, T-shirts) perfect for the person with sailor's mouth and a good sense of humor.

    contents of the box spread out

    Get it from Smartass & Sass for $34.95+/month (or $15.95/month for the shirt-only subscription).

    27. A BarkBox subscription if the only thing you love more than mail is your pup. Now you can combine your two greatest treasures!

    The kit

    Each month you'll receive a themed box full of toys, snacks, and other presents catered to the size and breed of your pup.

    Get it from BarkBox starting at $22/month.

    28. A Loot Crate subscription that'll speak to your nichest interests be they WWE collectibles, Hello Kitty & Friends accessories, or '90s Nickelodeon apparel.

    The kit
    Loot Crate

    Loot Crate currently has 37 different boxes all customized for different fandoms. Past boxes have included wearables (like a T-shirt), figurines, comic books, mugs, and more.

    Get it from Loot Crate starting at $25+/month.

    29. And a monthly Scentbird mailing so you can get in on bestselling fragrances (from brands like Prada, Cartier, and Versace) without having to commit to a $90+ full bottle you'll never get through.


    Each month you'll receive an 8-milliliter bottle of perfume from one of the 450+ designer perfumes on their site. Each perfume should last 140 sprays.

    Get it from Scentbird starting at $15.95/month.

    Staring out the window at every mail truck that passes like:

    NCB / Via

    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

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