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    38 Clothes And Shoes That Will Last You From Now To Eternity

    Pay a one-time premium and you'll reap the reward for years to come.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of Aussie-adored, beat-'em-into-the-ground Blundstones that'll still bounce back after countless romps through mud puddles, snowbanks, and even cow manure.

    2. Or a pair of Dr. Martens which can not only keep up with daily wear for more than a decade (I attest to this!) but also add some serious edge to your silk midi skirt + sweater combo.

    Two models wearing the 1460s in smooth black leather

    3. A unisex Big Bud Press jumpsuit made from 100% cotton twill that's woven right here in the U-S-of-A. Did we mention they come in a bunch of bright, cheery hues?

    4. An American Giant hoodie with reinforced elbow patches, a double-lined hood, double-stitched heavyweight fleece, and custom metal zippers, grommets, and drawstring tips.

    5. A pair of comfy-as-can-be Crocs which — in the world of BuzzFeed writers and editors — are extremely en vogue! Whether you need shower shoes for your dorm, clogs for gardening, or something you can slip into sport mode when you run errands, these bad boys are the answer.

    6. A cult-favorite Outdoor Voices Exercise dress capable of keeping up with everyday life thanks to its breathable nylon and spandex design which also conceals a pair of built-in shorts with a cellphone pocket!

    7. A pair of low-stretch Levi's Wedgie fit jeans that will have you breaking your back to check out your tush in every reflective surface you pass. Yes, they're that good!

    8. Literally anything from Universal Standard but I really gotta give it up for the Everest hooded puffer in particular. In a nutshell, wearing this coat is like wrapping up in the coziest, warmest, ~chicest~ sleeping bag imaginable.

    9. A button-back Madewell blouse made from cotton and Tencel — a eucalyptus-derived fabric that's not only soft, but super durable.

    10. Impeccably engineered Swedish Hasbeens clogs which will have you living your '70s fantasy even if you were born in the '90s or — oh how it pains me to say this — the aughts.

    Models wearing various styles of clogs in different colors

    11. A Champion reverse weave crewneck double-stitched for extra durability. For a ~celeb~ streetwear look, layer it over a silk skirt and pair with casual kicks.

    12. An AllSaints leather jacket with classic lapels and simple gunmetal finishings that make it a cinch to style. Like seriously — throw it on over basically anything.

    13. Some Calvin Klein undies with a long-lasting logo waistband and comfy cotton and modal fabric. No underwear lasts a lifetime (and tbh I don't think I'd want them to...), but you'll get your money's worth out of these.

    14. A relaxed Theory sweater made from supremely soft 100% cashmere. With proper care, this bad boy can last up to 10 years!

    15. A four-way stretch Girlfriend Collective sports bra that won't blink an eye when you contort your body every which way trying to get it on after a shower or off after a workout.

    16. A heritage bomber from Alpha Industries — the very company that's been making hardwearing apparel for the United States military since the '50s. Plus, who doesn't want to look like they stepped off the set of Young Gun?

    Two models wearing the coat in sage

    17. A pair of AllBirds sneakers made from machine-washable merino wool. Whenever your kicks need a cleanup, just pull out the insoles and laces and toss 'em in the wash.

    The sneakers in natural grey

    18. A fleece Patagonia jacket with a retro design made from 100% recycled polyester shearling that's also Fair Trade certified.

    The retro fleece jacket in pelican

    19. A pair of classic Chuck Taylor All Stars which, IMO, look even better with age. Plus, they marry heritage '70s details and modern OrthoLite cushioning for extra comfort.

    20. A tough-as-nails Carhartt jacket with underarm gussets, stretchy sherpa and fleece lining, and a durable 99% cotton exterior.

    21. An iconic pair of Bean boots which will lend you some Mainer flair with their triple-stitched leather exterior, rubber chain-tread bottom, and shearling- or plaid-lined interior.

    A model wearing the boots with rainbow-colored laces

    22. An adjustable raincoat from sportswear giant Columbia that'll keep you dry even if it's draining cats, dogs, and elephants. (I assume that's the natural progression.)

    23. A pair of cropped Everlane wide-leg pants with a trendy cut, massive pockets (four!), and high-quality cotton construction.

    24. An American Apparel T-shirt — the brand's most popular top — which wows with its ultra-soft jersey and durable ribbed neckline.

    25. Or an Eddie Bauer long-sleeve tee woven from super-soft combed yarn and then treated with a silicone finish which makes it EVEN softer. Plus, it's pre-washed to prevent shrinkage.

    26. A pair of Adidas training sweats that were designed with elite athletes in mind. Even if your sport of choice is Netflix bingeing, you'll appreciate the breathable, quick-drying fabric and ankle zips which allow them to be pulled on and off over shoes (or slippers).

    27. An eco-insulated jacket from The North Face developed in partnership with PrimaLoft — a brand that created its made-to-last synthetic material for the United States Army.

    28. A pair of Lululemon Align II leggings made from the brand's Nulu fabric which promises sweat-wicking four-way stretch that's so nonrestrictive, it kinda feels like you're not wearing anything at all.

    29. A Pact organic boyfriend sweater made from 100% cotton that's organically grown and Fair Trade certified. Since it's grown without any chemicals, the cotton is not only more durable than conventional crops but it's also great for sensitive skin.

    30. A pair of vintage-inspired jeans from DSTLD, a direct-to-consumer brand whose premium denim is made from sustainable materials and natural dyes that won't disintegrate like your fast fashion favorites.

    31. A set of 100% silk washable (!!) Lunya PJs that you can gently clean right at home and therefore not worry about them getting lost at the dry cleaner's.

    A model wearing the two-piece set in black

    32. A pair of Birkenstocks Arizona sandals so good, that they've gone practically unchanged since they first started popping up on people's feet in 1973.

    33. A Uniqlo rayon blouse that can withstand hundreds of washings. I have a handful of different rayon shirts I've been wearing regularly for the last five years and they just don't stain, tear, stretch out, or even disintegrate from constant wear.

    34. An Under Armor athletic pullover with sweat-wicking, quick-drying tech fabric that'll keep you cool and prevent icky odor and bacteria from staking its claim. If it works for Steph Curry and Lindsey Vonn, it works for me!