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    32 Clothing Items Reviewers Say Have Gotten Them So Many Compliments

    Get your wardrobe ready for the day you have to step foot in an office again.

    1. An open-front cardigan that goes way down past your butt so you don't have to do that thing where you go into every public bathroom to make sure your leggings aren't suddenly see-through. Yes, you checked them before you left the house but who knows what they're up to now.

    2. A silky wrap dress with deep V neckline, an open back, and a a calf- or thigh-baring slit (totally your choice if you wanna Angelina Jolie it up or not come photo time).

    3. A pair of Levi's Ribcage jeans that go where no low-rise jean has ever gone before — up, up, up past your bellybutton.

    4. A silky satin midi skirt with a silhouette that says "chic" and an elastic waistband that says "I'll give your most comfortable sweats a go."

    5. A pair of high-waisted faux leather pants that — if I spotted them on a friend — would make me immediately ask them to do the Thriller dance. Naturally, compliments would follow.

    6. A one-and-done coverall because sometimes, just having to pick out undergarments is already more than I can handle.

    7. An oversized sweater vest that is the *choice* grandma/grandpa knit of 2021. Throw it on over a crisp button down and you're in business, baby.

    8. A contrast sleeve bodycon dress with delicate floral detailing that — completely unrelated, but just humor me here — makes me think back fondly on the day (yes, single day) I binge-watched The Big Flower Fight.

    9. A boho graphic tee that encompasses two past and present versions of me: the one who was once obsessed with Reading Rainbow, and the one who is now enamored with all things neutral.

    front view of a model wearing the top in beige

    10. A patterned bomber jacket I'm certain The Cheetah Girls would snatch up if they had access to Amazon Prime back in 2003.

    11. A puff-sleeve blouse sure to satisfy your instinctual love for all-black clothing but also keep things ~interesting~ with its patterned mesh detailing.

    12. An Adidas pullover that, tbh, I searched out because I've been watching a whole lot of Ted Lasso and even though I've literally never touched a soccer ball, I am now interested in dressing like I have.

    13. A herringbone blazer with ruched sleeves that'll stay right where you want them. No more constant cuffing and rolling to achieve that three-quarter sleeve you so admire.

    14. An oversized cardigan with pom-pom-adorned arms I just can't get enough of. Reminder: Sometimes more really is more.

    15. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings that are soft, stylin', and oh-so warm. If you've been eyeing a pair from Spanx but don't have $100 to shell out, they're a great dupe!

    16. A thick, textured cardigan with voluminous sleeves and an easy fit you can pair with just about anything — even day-old sweats.

    17. A silky midi dress that is — in '90s vernacular I would like to make a comeback — all that and a bag of chips. Throw on every single accessory you own or go for a more minimalist look with just a strappy shoe — it's really hard to mess up.

    18. A loose swing dress with ruffled cap sleeves that'll make you feel cute as a little bitty button.

    19. A square-neck top that gives me major Mila Kunis in Black Swan vibes. If her fictional ballerina character knew about this top, I'm certain she'd own multiple.

    20. A pearl-embellished top for the person who loves to be a lil' ~extra~ but can never remember to actually accessorize. This top does it for ya.

    21. An oversized shacket that looks super cool, but in a way that says "I'm so cool, I didn't even have to try." Basically like the Hadids when they wear anything at all.

    22. A ruffled blouse with layer after layer of flouncy tulle and a flirty open back. The spaghetti straps are adjustable and the sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulders.

    23. A faux suede moto jacket that you can *literally* wear with anything. There was a time when my mom told me to stop using the word literally 'cause I said it every two seconds, but mom, I swear it's justified in this case!

    24. A batwing sweater dress you can layer over tights for extra warmth, dress down with trendy sneakers, or dress up with daring over-the-knee boots. With this dress, the world is truly your oyster.

    25. A faux suede pencil skirt that delivers on softness, stretchiness, and — something you may not catch from the photos — pockets!

    26. A checkered wool coat an entire Hallmark Channel holiday movie could be written around. This coat *is* the main character — don't question it.

    27. An ombre mock neck sweater that'll make much more of an impression during your next Zoom meeting than your usual just-crawled-out-of-bed collegiate hoodie.

    28. A gingham bodycon dress with retro styling (see: mock neck and tea length) that'll make you look like a Mad Men extra.

    29. A one-shoulder crop top that lets you fulfill your pop star fantasy and indulge in some admiration as you brag that you got it on Amazon of all places — and for less than 12 bucks!

    30. A lace-sleeved tunic dress that comes in a bunch of bright colors and a classic black which — paired with some scarves, lace, and heels (also all black, ofc) — would give off witchy Stevie Nicks vibes.

    31. A breezy linen top with the same effortless cool factor as your linen duvet. The slightly boxy fit features side slits you can show off with a quick French tuck.

    32. And a