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    Diddy Defended Kanye West From The Backlash Over His "White Lives Matter" Shirt

    "A lot of times, what he means is misconstrued."

    IDK about you, but I'm one of the many people who completely soured on Kanye West last weekend after he rocked a White Lives Matter shirt — but one prominent person is standing by him: fellow rapper and entrepreneur Diddy.

    A closeup of Diddy

    This morning, Diddy appeared on The Breakfast Club and defended Kanye in the midst of all the criticism he's been getting.

    Diddy and Kanye performing onstage

    "Kanye, my boy, is a super, super, super free thinker," Diddy said, repeating what Kanye has said about himself in the past in defense of other controversies. "And a lot of times, what he means is, like, misconstrued."

    Stopping him right there, Charlamagne Tha God chimed in to say that Diddy needed to stop making excuses for Kanye (!!!), to which he replied: "I'm not making excuses. I'm just saying that if he did it, like, that's the way he thinks."

    "And I understand white lives do matter, but it's not that," Diddy continued. "That was our slogan. That wasn't our slogan to go share with nobody else."

    "That's the only message," Diddy added. "We don't have to condemn Kanye or cancel him. It doesn't have to go crazy. But at the same time, you gotta understand your actions."

    Diddy said that because of that, he's decided to hold off on releasing a shirt he intended to honor Kanye. "I'm gonna still do it," he said. "I just need a couple of days to get over this T-shirt because right now, we're the ones that are dying, that are incarcerated, that [live] in poverty, not getting any money for reparations and, on top of that, flooding our communities with drugs and guns. And we know all this and they're still not trying to break us off."

    Diddy said that this should be the focus and that there's "no time for any unnecessary noise from [Kanye] or Candace Owens" — signaling that maybe he doesn't fully agree with Kanye's decision after all.

    IDK. Watch the moment here around the 22:00 mark and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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