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Diddy Is Putting His Own Music On Hold

“The impact I want to have is to be able to empower a lot of the storytellers of color,” the hip-hop mogul told BuzzFeed News.

Jennifer Lopez Doesn't Need To Be The Best At Everything

J.Lo’s hard work and versatility, rather than solely raw talent, have kept her on top for decades. Now, with World of Dance, she’s using her power to mold new stars in her own image.

Depressing Facts About Hip-Hop

These facts will make any true hip-hop fan cry. Or just get ornery in the YouTube comments.

Diddy Forced To Fly American

High gas prices make his private jet too pricey, says Diddy in his latest YouTube clip, which he made while boarding an American Airlines flight.

Janelle Monae

Signed to Bad Boy Records by some guy named Diddy, the Atlanta native's spacey style, "afro-punk" sound, and rabid attitude are catching the ears of many just in time for her EP to drop.

Brazilians For Men

Hip hop moguls Jay-Z and Diddy have both praised the benefits of waxing...down there.

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