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17 Super Awkward Things That Happened During King Charles' Coronation

The Diana stuff was so petty.

You would think an event like a coronation would be free of awkward moments but nope! Here are 17 awkward things that happened during the coronation of King Charles.

1. A horse lost control and crashed into a barrier.

2. People pointed out how Queen Camilla's crown didn't seem to fit:

3. Only a few celebrities came.

lionel richie in the crowd

4. Prince Harry was seated way back in the third row.

arrow pointing to prince harry in a row behind prince william

5. And Princess Anne's hat blocked his view:

circle around the hat blocking harry's view

6. Prince William seemed to completely ignore Harry:

harry looking up toward william as william looks down at a booklet

7. Katy Perry couldn't figure out where to sit:

8. And she almost toppled over when she was leaving:

katy in the middle of tripping over her heel

9. Prince Louis kept yawning:

circle around the child yawning behind his father

10. King Charles looked mad:

11. Prince Andrew showed up:

closeup of andrew

12. He was seated in the same row as Prince Harry:

harry and andrew seated at opposite ends of the row

13. He got to dress in full royal regalia...

14. ...but Harry wore a suit:

closeup of harry in a suit

15. People booed him, though!

andrew through a car window

16. They also protested the coronation itself:

closeup of a sweater reading, not my king

17. And Princess Diana trended the whole time, because, of course.

diana trending next to camilla on twitter