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Dang, Only Like 2 Celebrities Showed Up To King Charles' Coronation

Interesting guest list!

Despite the controversy, King Charles' coronation brought out a sizeable crowd:

crowded streets

Even a few celebrities were there! From singer Lionel Richie to Oscar winner Emma Thompson, here are all the stars who showed up.

1. Katy Perry

katy walking to her seat

2. Emma Thompson

emma walking outside

3. Lionel Richie

closeup of lionel talking to people

4. Joanna Lumley

closeup of Joanna Lumley pointing

5. Adam Hills

adam taking a selfie

6. Nick Cave

nick walking through the gates

7. Joan Armatrading

joan sitting in the crowd

8. Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly

the two sitting next to each other

9. Andrew Lloyd Webber

andrew talking to someone

Some celebrities also refused to attend/perform at the coronation, which you can read about here.