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Alex Rodriguez Shared His Feelings On Jennifer Lopez Marrying Ben Affleck Over Him

Jennifer rekindled things with Ben mere weeks after her breakup with Alex and married the actor this summer.

After breaking up with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez spun the block on Ben Affleck and has been thriving ever since!

the couple hugging while posing at an event

She and Ben officially wed this year, marrying (again) in a Georgia ceremony after eloping in Las Vegas.

closeup of the couple looking at each other

"One of the most perfect [days] of our lives," Jennifer said of their wedding day. "We couldn't have been happier. I wish all of you the same kind of happiness...the hard-earned kind that's all the sweeter for the journey that came before it."

closeup of jennifer

As she and Ben continue to live in wedded bliss, Alex was asked how he feels about Jennifer rekindling things with Ben so soon after their split and ultimately marrying him.

closeup of Alex

“Honestly, does it bother you that within days after you broke up that she was back to seeing Ben Affleck, and that she ended up getting married to him, not you?” Chris Wallace asked him during a recent appearance on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?

ben and jen at a prime video event

Laughing, Alex replied: “First of all, I would say I’m glad I’m not going to ever be a presidential candidate because you would hammer me."

closeup of alex during the interview

He continued: “With Jennifer, look, it was a good experience. And I wish her and the children, who are smart, and beautiful and wonderful — I wish them the very best."

alex waving

Having hoped for something juicier, Chris then asked him “That’s it?” to which Alex responded, “That’s it.”

alex and jen in a car

Chris then asked Alex whether he thinks he would make "good husband material" himself. Alex answered that, yes, he would — admitting that he's learned a lot from his past "mistakes."

closeup of jen

“I think when you look at my life, Chris, I mentioned when I was 15 years old and I think Sports Illustrated called me a top player in the country," he explained. "And at that time, I was Alex Rodriguez. And then somewhere along the way, at 24, I get a $250 million contract, and probably, I lost my way a little bit and I became A-Rod…"

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"So in my 20s, early 30s, [I was] probably not the best," he continued. "I think I’m gonna make a wonderful partner or husband and father post-suspension because of the lessons learned of my biggest mistakes.”

closeup of alex thinking

It has been almost a couple of years now since he and J.Lo were engaged — maybe he has learned and grown since then.