The Best Pets Of Nickelodeon: A Tribute

Ah the good old days when Doug, Hey Arnold!, and Clarissa Explains It All were on Nickelodeon. Here’s a tribute to our favorite pets in the shows we grew up with. Who’s your favorite??

1. “Clarissa Explain’s It All”: Elvis, the Caimon

Elvis was always there to listen.

2. “Doug”: Porkchop, the dog

Let’s face it, Porkchop was the coolest. Both in name and in style.

3. “The Rugrats”: Spike, the dog

The second coolest dog in the bunch, Spike, got those babies out of some tight spots

4. “Rocko’s Modern Life”: Spunky, the dog

Spunky was confused but always loving.

5. “The Off-beat’s” of “KaBlam!”: September, the dog

This dog was so bad-ass, he not only had a pet contract but he put a “day off” in part of the negotiations.

6. “Hey Arnold”: Abner, the pig

Arnold had a pig before people even knew they could be pets. Way ahead of his time.

7. “Prometheus and Bob” of “KaBlam!”: Bob had his Monkey, Prometheus had Bob

So many experiments, so little time.

8. “The Wild Thornberrys”: Nigel, the monkey

Speaking with an aristocratic British accent, he was always there when Eliza needed him most on her family’s great adventures.

9. “CatDog”: Cat and Dog, the cat and the dog (obviously eachother’s pets)

Best friends, not by choice but circumstance. The ultimate odd-couple.

10. “Pete and Pete”: Petunia, the Lady in Red

Ok, so maybe technically not a pet but she might as well have been.

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