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    The 100 Most Important Kitten Photos Of All Time

    The whole internet has led up to this crucial moment.

    100. The Fashionista

    Why it's important: This kitten invented normcore way before the New York Times wrote a think piece on it. She's at once punk and casual, extreme and level. She's a frickin' inspiration.

    99. The Weasley Twins

    Why it's important: These are the very tricksters who inspired the Weasley twins. Fun fact: BOTH twins survive and thrive in the IRL kitten version.

    98. The Bodyguard

    Why it's important: The bravery depicted in this single image embodies the ideals of humanity: selflessness, love, athleticism. Most of all, this cat was the first to break down walls with the strength of his love.

    97. The Past and the Future

    Why it's important: Because there's no telling which one is the cat and which is the kitten. Is it a matter of perspective? What makes a cat and what makes a kitten? There's more to it than just age — is it wisdom? This duo raises all of these questions and THAT'S what makes them so epic.

    96. The Resourceful Napper

    Why it's important: This little kitten gets to grow up and say, "In my day, we didn't HAVE pillows, we had rocks — and if there was a nice sun spot involved, we were HAPPY."

    95. The Shadowboxer

    Why it's important: You know story of the the apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton's head? Well, this is like that but for Plato. Yeah, that's right. This kitten is Plato right before he postulated about the "Allegory of the Cave." The shadow is his apple, the hand his gravity, and the world was never the same.

    94. The Shy Little Mouse

    Why it's important: Because this shy little creature proves that "puppy dog eyes" are not just for puppies anymore.

    93. The Discerning Shopper

    Richard Austin / Rex / Rex USA

    Why It's Important: In this day and age, we're constantly being bombarded with things to buy. That's where the discerning shopper comes in: She tells you what's useless and what's useful and errs on the side of minimalism. Look at the cat leaning in, asking for advice while the kitten looks on, always an astute observer with a nose for B.S.

    92. The Lifeguard

    Why it's important: This kitten understands that humans cannot be left to their own devices, especially little baby human grubs supervised by an adult human. It is this kitten's job to protect this little babe and she does NOT take it lightly.

    91. The Photobomber

    Why it's important: In the age of constant selfies, it's important to have a force that reminds us to not take ourselves so seriously. This cat is that force.

    90. The Kitten Who Let You Scroll Through Her Phone

    Why it's important: Everyone has made this fatal mistake: letting an untrustworthy friend look at a picture and then THEY KEEP SCROLLING. You know logically there's nothing that bad on there but WHAT IF THERE WAS ONE YOU FORGOT ABOUT?? This kitten is you. This kitten is me. This kitten is all of us, traipsing through this digital age, just trying to live.

    89. The Fourth (Previously Unknown) Musketeer

    Why it's important: First, the dignity in such a young chap is downright stunning. You can see in his eyes that he has seen some things. Second, he was actually the inspiration for the Three Musketeerss' facial hair and designated the "fourth" even though he was, undoubtedly, the first.

    88. The Cuddlers

    Why it's important: When Gustav Klimt started out painting his famous work, "The Kiss," it was actually supposed to be "The Cuddlers," featuring these cats. Unfortunately, Klimt was rotten at drawing kittens and he accidentally started creating two humans in an awkward but elegant embrace. The elegance and flow of the painting is all owed to the kitten inspiration. Anyways, Klimt never attempted to paint kittens again.

    87. The Ghost Whisperer

    Why it's important: This kitten learned of her powers to speak to ghosts at a young age and is a great reminder of the secret power of cats. They know things we will never understand, and for that, we must offer our utmost respect.

    86. The Party Animals

    Why it's important: Because sometimes, the best party animals are the smallest ones. In equally precious hats, if you're lucky.

    85. The Pocket Dancer

    Why it's important: The skill of this kitten to not only fit in a pocket but to DANCE in said pocket is innumerable. Watch out for this kitten because she's going places.

    84. The Peanut Gallery

    Why it's important: This is the committee you go before right after you die, before you're allowed past the pearly gates of scratching posts and catnip. They may be just a peanut gallery with opinions on EVERYTHING, but they are THE peanut gallery of the universe. So bow down.

    83. The Scaredy Kitten

    Why it's important: Because it's important to remember kittens don't always have to be the brave one. It's important they let other people be heroes for once. Just look how happy it made that dog, LOOK.

    82. The Scientists

    Why it's important: This kitten literally invented the Fibonacci sequence — while unable to perfectly create the spirals she speaks of in this picture, she, like the spirals, exhibits the charm and beauty those spirals depict in our world.

    81. The Farmer

    Why it's important: Ever heard of the locavore movement? YEAH, SHE STARTED IT. And she's sorry.

    80. The Olivia Benson

    79. The Rulers

    Twitter: @b01029320868

    Why it's important: Because it's important to remember who runs the world. (Kittens. The answer is kittens.)

    78. The New Dog

    Why it's important: Because if you don't ask, you don't get, and this kitten asked for the dog bed, and then she got the frickin' dog bed.

    77. 3/50 Shades of Grey

    Why it's important: Because being out of toner sucks.

    76. The Meditator

    Why it's important: Because sometimes a horrible day is solved by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and remembering that you are here and you are loved.

    75. The Drunk

    Why it's important: Because we've all come home late, stumbled over with our chicken nuggets in one hand and face-planted in a pile of fries.

    74. The Fashionable Sleeper

    Taylor Miller

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you got to dress up to get nappin'.

    73. The Midnight Snacker

    Taylor Miller

    Why it's important: This is an important reminder to keep good snacks in the fridge all day, all night, all the time.

    72. The Can't-Keep-a-Surprise Kitten

    Flickr: ldevreeede

    Why it's important: Because "a surprise kept is no fun at all," said only this kitten, ever. Honestly, this kitten wouldn't get away with any of it if she weren't so dang cute and that's a skill in itself.

    71. The Student

    Why it's important: "Because all work and no play was good for no one." —Thomas Jefferson, probably.

    70. The Magician

    Why it's important: Because if you're practicing your trick where you get your friend into a glass jar, you better learn the trick where you get them out. And fast.

    69. The Babe Magnet

    68. The God

    Why it's important: This kitten used her ability as a giant god to intervene and save this train from derailing. Unnecessary, thankless heroism at its finest.

    67. The Dreamer

    Creative Commons /

    Why it's important: She stepped off a bus in Times Square with just a suitcase full of cardigans and big dreams. Moments after this photo was taken, as she sang Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York," she stepped in a puddle of human urine and a strange man asked to lick her paws. Welcome to New York, indeed, little kitty. Welcome.

    66. The New Shipment

    Why it's important: Because there is nothing greater in this life than a basketful of kittens. Except a group of golden retrievers eagerly waiting to meet them.

    65. The Patient Spouse

    Why it's important: His hair is styled to perfection and he awaits his first love's return from war (or ya know...the vet).

    64. The Contest Winner

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you win something in this cruel world, be it the lottery or a simple piece of string. And it's important to let yourself just FREAK over it.

    63. The Taste Tester

    Why it's important: It's a kitten. Enjoying a burger. Living the American dream.

    62. The Contemplator

    Why it's important: Sometimes when you've made a rash style decision — like, say, gotten an impromptu lion cut — you must sit and contemplate what you've done.

    61. The Hunter

    Why it's important: Although this kitten never actually caught his fish, he tried, and goddamnit, that's a beautiful thing.

    60. The Kitten Who Could / Via

    Why it's important: We all need a little help from time to time, and this kitten got in in the form of a puppy who risked everything to save her.

    59. The Concerned Kitten

    58. The Couch Hacker

    Why it's important: Because when you invite a lady over to "Netflix and chill," you better have your couch situation figured out.

    57. The Aura Specialist

    56. The Itty-Bitty Critter


    55. The Star-Crossed Lovers

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you are a pirate who falls in love with a sailor and you know in your heart that the relationship is doomed. And yet, you must hold onto that glimmer of hope because although there may be other fish in the sea, this is your fish.

    54. The Wise One

    Why it's important: To only speak about the perfection that is this kitten's fur would be a disservice to this kitten's sagacious wit. She is the keeper of truths; to know her is to know the complexities at the universe, big and small. Plus, she's fluffy AF.

    53. The Carpool

    Why it's important: It was Emily Dickenson who once said, "There is no greater happiness than floral prints, a sleeping child and A BASKET OF KITTENS, OMG IS THAT A BASKET OF KITTENS YOU HAVE FOR ME??"

    52. Business Kitten

    Why it's important: Because business isn't just for cats anymore.

    51. The Teen

    Why it's important: Because there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask, "Did I just like a Justin Bieber song?"

    50. The Bunk Bed Boys

    Why it's important: This is the sleepover everyone wants to be invited to. This is THE sleepover. Everyone who didn't go to this sleepover regrets it for the rest of their life. ALSO TRIPLE BUNK BED, TRIPLE THE FUN.

    49. The Prankster

    Why it's important: Because sometimes, life gives you a balloon and you HAVE to pop it. I don't care if I disrupted your wedding, Gloria.

    48. The Protective Older Sister

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you rent House of Wax and need to be protected from yourself.

    47. The King of Acceptance

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you get caught between a couch and a hard place (or another couch) and the best thing to do is to just take a nap.

    46. The Ring of Fire

    45. The Iconic Mushroom

    Instagram: @shimejiwasabi

    Why it's important: Because when life gives you problems, make a little costume out of the bandage. Wasabi-Chan may no longer be with us, but she'll always be in our hearts; long live the cutest little knit mushroom this world has ever seen!

    44. The Secret Service Agent

    Why it's important: Because the monster-under-your-bed myth is true, in the shape of a bunny, and it is up to little kitten agents like this to combat them.

    43. The Dishwasher

    Why it's important: Because after a long day, we all need a little help, and doing the dishes is a good place to start.

    42. The Red Panda

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you identify more as a red panda and that's OK!

    41. The One With Moxie

    Why it's important: Yeah, this kitten is afraid, but being brave doesn't mean not being afraid, it means being afraid and facing those fears anyway. For the record, the two are now best of friends.

    40. The Daredevil

    Why it's important: Look at this Olympian: the effortless way she sits upon the poll, as if balance is a concept she herself invented. She tops off her act with a smile on her face, laughing in the face of her opponents; "I could do this in my sleep!" she screams. 10/10, a gold medal and a place on a Wheaties box for her!

    39. The Bobblehead

    Why it's important: Because regular bobbleheads are cool, but a kitten on your dash is unreasonably perfect. Her perfectly pointed ears, the fold of her paws, the glee on her face! This picture has it all.

    38. The Perfect Spiral

    Why it's important: Because in this world of chaos and uncertainty, a little fuzzy perfection goes a long way.

    37. The Selfie

    Why it's important: Meet the only person allowed to send you a text like this at 3 a.m. accompanied by a "u up?"

    36. The Charged

    Why it's important:This kitten takes us back to one of our basic, most purist of needs: to be warm. She looks at us all in the face and beckons, "Do you NEED to be on your computer right now?" Be delighted in the simplicity of that warmth, be delighted in this little fluff ball, and maybe, just maybe, find some small delight in your every day.

    35. The Space Creature

    34. The Lion King

    Why it's important: This is the exact moment this cat dad was telling his cat son that "everything the light touches will one day be yours." Because when they said the meek shall inherit, they were referring to kittens.

    33. The Hopeful Licker

    Why it's important: Because you got to fake it til you make it. After all, one day, an ice cream cone will come to this hopeful air licker. Seriously, someone get her a dang ice cream cone already.

    32. The Literal Cutest Picture of a Kitten Sleeping on a Piece of Miniature Furniture of All Time


    31. The Johnny

    Why it's important: In this terrifying rendition of one of the most horrifying scenes in cinematic history, we also see the importance of creating your own doors. 'Cause when's opportunity's a-knockin', you bust through that frickin' door and get yours.

    30. The One Who Helped a Pit Bull Show Her True Colors

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed BFF

    Why it's important: Sometimes you need a friend to help you show the world what you're made of. In this case, a kitten made friends with a pit bull despite all of his friend's prejudiced warnings that the pup would "be mean". Instead, this kitten found a friend for life and proved the haters wrong!

    29. The Cowboy

    Why it's important: This kitten went across the entire United States in pursuit of a better, more adventurous future. He took a ride on that continental divide. That's right. This kitten is Lewis of Lewis and Clark.

    28. The Yogi

    Why it's important: This kitten invented "Yoga for Lazies," a revolutionary yoga technique where you sit in the very center of the fluffiest place in your house and stretch as far as you can. That's it. That's the whole thing.

    27. The Smallest Little Fluff

    Why it's important: Honestly, I doubt there has ever been a more perfect kitten in the entire world. This is the kitten you take home to mom, the kitten you want to snuggle up with, the kitten who will give you the best frickin' advice on a bad day. JUST LOOK AT HER!!

    26. The Festival Champion

    Why it's important: This is the festival queen, the inventor of festival fashion and festival vibes. Love her or hate her for it, there's no denying she's pretty dang cute.

    25. The Love Story

    Why it's important: Because it's important to remember from time to time that love knows no bounds.

    24. The Direction-Giver

    Why it's important: Because sometimes it's important to pull over and ask for directions, be they emotional or physical.

    23. The Lookalike

    Why it's important: This kitten used to be a shy little one with no confidence. This all changed once she saw Pixar's depiction of a kitten who was so athletic and wiley but who could use her kitty-cat eyes to get what she wanted. She is now top of her class and headed for big things. HUGE.

    22. The Roly-Poly

    Why it's important: Because sometimes, in the darkest hours of hours, it's important to remember that somewhere out there, there's a kitten rolled up, chewing on his own tail. And it's delightful.

    21. The Caffeine Addict

    Why it's important: This is a reminder that caffeine and sugar addiction can start early, but if you're lucky, it'll have the most adorable of consequences.

    20. The Driving Instructor

    Why it's important: Because it doesn't matter if you can drive or not, it's never too early to start being a backseat driver.

    19. The Doctor

    Why it's important: Because friends who will not only be there for you during your time of shame but sit with you in it are hard to find. Hold them close.

    18. The Ultimate Pocket Pal

    Why it's important: She fits so snuggly, so perfectly in that little pocket, but it's nothing in comparison to that little flick of her head that says, "I AM HAVING THE BEST NAP OF MY LIIIIIIFE!" Let's all strive to be this kitten.

    17. The Happy Baby


    16. Sir Stuffington

    Facebook: Sir.Stuffington

    Why it's important: When Sir Stuffington graced the internet with his one-eyed presence, we got a pirate of next-level caliber: a kindhearted cutie who showed us the kind of tenacity usually reserved for much larger beasts. Sir Stuffington, we salute you.

    15. The Leader

    Why it's important: Because in this chaotic world, we look to those who step up and are willing to lead. We hope those leaders are ones with humility, grace, and an iron paw. This kitten is just that.

    14. The Aromatherapist

    Instagram: @j1m0thy / Via Twitter: @jimukun

    Why it's important: Because in this crazy world of ours, it's important to remember to stop and smell the rice vapor.

    13. The Food-Fight Champion

    Why it's important: Because sometimes you just have to go ham on your favorite meal, no matter what anyone else thinks.

    12. The One Who Knocked

    Why it's important: Because Walter White stole her line.

    11. The Runner

    Why it's important: Because part of dressing for the part you want is embodying it. This kitten is running places because she knows her mark.

    10. The Unlikely Duo



    9. The Actors

    Why it's important: This is a warning to always be careful when practicing the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. An emotionally adorable warning.

    8. The Simple Smiler

    Why it's important: When the Beatles sang "Here Comes the Sun," they were picturing this little kitten, smiling and bringing joy across the land.

    7. The Best Buds

    Why it's important: Road trips are incomplete without a best friend to nap with. Bonus points for monster backpack.

    6. The Purrito

    Why it's important: Only thing better than an actual burrito fit for consumption? A kitten burrito fit for all the snuggles.

    5. The Refugee

    This Syrian family brought their beloved cat to Greece ♡ @Refugees_Gr #Lesvos #EuropeSaysWelcome

    Why it's important: This is a grand example of the love and strength humans are capable of. Despite the hardships of seeking refuge, these brave humans brought their whole family, including their kitten — because family means nobody gets left behind.

    4. Kittenhood

    Why it's important: Because sometimes magic is hidden right in front of us, in the form of a first kiss, a whale, or in this case, a little kitten staring at the stars.

    3. The Zipped-Up Traveler

    Why it's important: This is a kitten who trusts their human, bestowing the greatest gift a kitten can bestow. Plus, look at those EYES!

    2. Banana Cat

    Why it's important: Because the great William Shakespeare said, "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a banana. Then be a banana."

    1. The Beginning

    Why it's important: This photo is important in the way that only beginnings can be. Like the Big Bang, this is the moment where it all begins: between a little girl and her kitten, meeting for the first time. Their time together will be full of adventure, heartache, naps, and snuggles. And it will all be so wonderfully beautiful.

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