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    Just 28 Products That The Entire Family Will Love

    Make the most of quality time with these fun activities.

    1. A lip reading game that's guaranteed fun for the whole fam. After drawing a card with a phrase, the player must mouth the phrase with a magnifier help up to their lips — TL;DR: other players will have to figure out what you're trying to say!

    Model holds magnifier on game box up to their lips

    2. An inflatable sled for impromptu snow tubing wherever and whenever your heart desires it. This high quality tube inflates in seconds, has a two layer bottom, and two handles for you to comfortably and securely grip while you glide down a snowy hill.

    3. A bucket list scratch-off poster with 100 things to do. When things start to get dull, just take a coin and scratch off any of the grayed out boxes for a super fun suggestion. Just be prepared to "sing to an audience" or even the unthinkable like "switch off personal devices for 48 hours."

    Model scratching off gray box on scratch off poster

    4. A frozen yogurt machine that makes desert in under 20 minutes with no ice needed. Just drop your ingredients of choice (perfect for picky eaters or those with food allergies) and voila — an instant bowl of deliciousness!

    5. An uber cute matching pajama set for the whole gang so that you can pull a Kardashian-esque family photo shoot. It's the kind of cheesy fun that you and your fam will treasure forever.

    Four models wearing matching pajama set

    6. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders because now is the perfect time to become the geography whiz fam. The book has in-depth descriptions of 700 of the most unique and interesting places in the entire world that includes charts, maps, and photographs — aka you'll all be able to satisfy wanderlust and plan for future trips.

    7. A 1,000-piece Beetlejuice puzzle that's as frighteningly entertaining as the original movie. The vibrant puzzle is the perfect multi-person activity that will keep you busy for hours as you attempt to put the infamous sandworm and iconic house together.

    Model putting puzzle together on brown table

    8. A customizable Candy Club subscription box to satisfy the whole family's sweet tooth. Choose from sour belts, straws, gummies, chocolates, popcorn, and many, many more of your favorite childhood (and current) favorite treats.

    Box of six candy tins on pink table

    9. A microwaveable popcorn bowl so you can skip the messy transfer from the scalding hot bag to the dish. This collapsible silicone bowl is easy to clean, easy to store, and even easier to use. Simply pop open, pour in some kernels, add your toppings, and get ready for an uninterrupted Netflix session.

    10. A unicorn cupcake decorating kit so you can practice for your Great British Bake Off audition. The kit comes with all the liners, candles, sprinkles, and candy needed to make 12 delicious unicorn cupcakes — just pick up a box of your fav cake mix beforehand.

    11. A Guess Who-inspired wooden board game featuring women who inspired the world. This two player game requires participants to guess the identities of each woman by asking questions about their achievements — some notable names include Serena Williams, Harriet Tubman, and Frida Kahlo.

    12. A wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone with customizable LED lights so you and your siblings can take your Destiny's Child impression to the next level. Easily connect this to your phone or a speaker without worrying about it dying because a single charge lasts for hours.

    13. A fleece sherpa blanket with sleeves that will ensure you never argue about who gets to control the temperature again. This snuggly blanket is the closest you'll all get to living in a 24/7 cloud of comfort. Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?!

    Reviewer posing in blanket

    14. A nonstick edge brownie pan that solves one of life's most annoying problems — fighting over who gets the delicious corner pieces of the brownie. Now peace will be restored in your household because every single piece is the corner piece with this nifty invention.

    15. A mini portable projector so that your family can have the theater experience at home or on the go. The rechargeable projector has a built in speaker for the ultimate viewing experience and is compatible with your smartphone and laptop.

    16. A bottle of Poo-Pourri because there is no amount of love that can mask the unpleasant odor coming from the bathroom after they go. The directions are super simple: spray this non-toxic blend of essential oils into the bowl to trap odors. Just remember to use it before you go so you can spray it forward.

    Bottle of poo-pourri next to lemons on plate

    17. A professional ping-pong set so you and your siblings can perfect your backhand. Regardless of your current skill level, practicing with this set ensures you either become the next ping-pong protégé... or just have some fun active family time.

    18. A pack of playing cards so that you can play everything from Solitaire and Poker to Go Fish. You'll never run out of games to play thanks to a free compatible app with downloadable instructions.

    Reviewer deck of cards laid out on table

    19. Or a copy of The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games if you prefer an internet free collection of fun card games to flip through for family game night inspo.

    Front cover of book

    20. A sofa armrest organizer so the remote never gets lost in the deep, dark crevice of your couch again. No matter how many hands it passes through, the remotes will always be safely and securely available in this pouch ready for you to re-watch The Office for the 1,000th time.

    21. A mini waffle maker that you can use from dusk 'til dawn because it also makes hash browns and paninis. That means instant no-stress and no-mess breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire family. **adds to cart**

    22. Jenga, a truly fun for the whole family that can even be played solo. This classic wooden block stacking game will keep everyone laser focused and grinning from ear to ear with each move. The set comes with 54 blocks, simple instructions, and a convenient box so you never lose any pieces.

    23. Floatable speakers with color-changing lights perfect for little ones who loathe bath time (plus these make bath time *way* more fun). The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled so you can pick your playlist, plop this in the water, and choose your lighting for the ultimate solo spa party experience.

    24. Uno splash cards made from plastic so that your cards remain ~unbowed, unbent, and unbroken.~ If they get a little dirty, just wash the waterproof cards off! The laminate even has a built in hole so you can hook them to an included clip! Presenting your next problem to solve: whether or not stacking +4 cards is cheating.

    25. An upgraded game of Monopoly that uses debit cards and a machine to track your money and purchases instead of cash. This challenging but fun game will ensure you're never bored again, plus it allows for some quality bonding time.

    Reviewer Monoply board game laid on table

    26. LED light saber chopsticks so you and your family can show off your most impressive Jedi food tricks, like making an entire sushi roll disappear in under 60 seconds.

    Reviewer using green and red lightsaber chopsticks to eat chicken and rice

    27. A scratch-off world map that's perfect for learning about geography, culture, and planning future family trips. Be sure to scratch off all the places you've already traveled together to for a fun stroll down memory lane.

    Reviewer using a pick to scratch off poster

    28. A card deck with though provoking questions to inspire some fun family talks. Some of the conversation starters include "What do you worry about most?" and "Where do you feel most comfortable in the world?" Reviewers say it's an easy way to make difficult conversations meaningful and enjoyable.

    Reviewer cards laid out on table next to box

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