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Introducing Cat Internet: Where You're The Meme

Someone wise once asked, "What if cats have their own Internet and it's full of pictures of us?" Well, it turns out they do.

The 33 Best Human Memes On The Internet

All those stupid "Bad Advice Dog" memes that were going around last week really just made me want to cough up a big hairball! But these memes about humans' silly antics really "hit the nail on the head," as those idiots say.

A Red Dot Moving Very, Very Fast

Look at this red dot! Wait a second... What even is that?

15 Things We Hate When People Stack On Us

Silly humans, you can only imagine what we do while YOU'RE sleeping. >;3

11 Reasons Catnip Should Be Legalized RIGHT MEOW

What? It's already legal? Then why don't I have any?

22 Things To Do With This Thing You Just Found On The Floor

What is this? Seriously. What even is this thing?

8 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Worst Type Of Cat

Somewhere along the way, dogs made a wrong turn while evolving from us. Today, they outrank even humans as the worst type of cat.

10 Photos That Pretty Much Ruined Political Careers

It's easy to land after falling off a shelf. But landing after a scandalous selfie is much harder.

5 Easy Fish Recipes That Will Make You Look Like A Celeb Chef

Want to do something special for dinner tonight? Get gourmet taste with these deceptively simple dishes.

The 18 Most Comfortable Beds Ever

You won't believe you never tried these amazing beds before. Just look at the comfort of these beds. You'll never want to sleep on a human face again.

19 Things You Experienced On Your Last Catnip Trip

We might not like to admit it, but we've all been there. Catnip, man...

9 Exciting New Colors For 2014

Check out these vibrant new colors! We know, we know: "We don't have the ocular receptors to see the low end of the visual spectrum blah blah blah." Whatever. Haters gon' hate.

10 Hilarious Lifehacks To Wake Your Human Up At 4 A.M. Literally Every Morning

Ha ha! Being a cat is fun. Seriously though, where's my breakfast.

12 Spots To Nap Before Human Gets Needy Again

Ugh, human needs too much attention. Sleep here when it is busy.

10 Signs You Grew Up Persian

If kittenhood felt like an endless series of baths and brush-grooming, this post is for you.