15 Things We Hate When People Stack On Us

Silly humans, you can only imagine what we do while YOU’RE sleeping. >;3

1. Bread

scrapstothefuture / Via Flickr: scrapstothefuture

2. Books about our species

benimoto / Via Flickr: benimoto

Like it’s funny or something…

3. Random pieces of plastic

Kimaengdoo / Via instagram.com

4. Our toys

Amy Foster / Via instagram.com

Trying to make a mockery of our kind, are you!?

5. Things they eat with

weightlossjules / Via instagram.com

6. Fluffy balls

berta_kat / Via instagram.com

Really???? REALLY????

7. Flower petals

berta_kat / Via instagram.com

If i wanted to look pretty, I would have asked.

8. Wrapped treats and paper

Berta_Kat / Via instagram.com

I didn’t sign up for this!

9. Weird rubber bands

bellatrix6 / Via Flickr: bellatrix6

Please humans, these were so last year.

10. Plastic versions of themselves

emptyjames / Via Flickr: emptyjames

As if we don’t have enough to deal with?

11. Their toys

QuesterMark / Via Flickr: 0ccam

12. Stuffed versions of us

eljeneo / Via instagram.com

Do we look amused?

13. Giant fish

cmaccy / Via instagram.com

Fine, we’ll let this one slide….

14. Funny humans think that they can control us

nikkkkkib / Via instagram.com

15. But we all know who’s really in control…

stephendann / Via Flickr: stephendann

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