11 Reasons Catnip Should Be Legalized RIGHT MEOW

What? It’s already legal? Then why don’t I have any?

Wait, what was the question?

Bridget Coila / Via Flickr: bibbit

1. Oh yeah. Because sometimes you just want to chillax with friends

Addie VanDreumel / Via Flickr: vanaddie

2. Because hella chill mornings, bro

AlishaV / Via Flickr: 31169339@N07

3. Because it makes chores more tolerable

4. Because it gets the party STARTED, kid

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5. Because vinyl sounds so much better when you REALLY LISTEN to it

6. Because you are surrounded by cats who just don't get it.

Hang on. For real. What were we just talking about?

7. Oh right. Because it's better for you than drinking.

Glen Bowman / Via Flickr: 10978503@N00

8. Because video games

9. Because sometimes you just gotta get your paranoid on

Meredith P. / Via Flickr: 54717162@N00

10. Because you can spend all night looking at hilarious human memes on the internet

Michael Verdi / Via Flickr: 34144293@N00

11. And because once you step out of your comfort zone you might encounter unexpected new friends

John Veldboom / Via Flickr: 7711737@N04

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