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    Tumblr Reacts To A New "Thor" Trailer

    The Loki fandom on Tumblr is super dedicated and exceptionally creative, which makes for a really amazing combination. Never change, friends. Never change.

    On Monday, E! News ran a brief teaser clip of the upcoming Thor: The Dark World sequel, and it featured a rather scruffy looking Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

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    Then, later in the day, the official UK trailer for Thor: The Dark World launched.

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    Loki is a fan-favorite of the Thor and Avengers fandom, so naturally everyone focused on this shot from the clip.

    Everyone paused to take it in.

    And the rest of Tumblr did this, because they knew what was about to happen.

    Immediately, comparisons were drawn.

    Things like this happen when you follow a lot of fandom blogs.

    And then came the fanart.

    This isn't weird if you're part of the fandom. It's fantastic, seriously. Loki's pretty much a Disney princess.

    See? Totally a Disney Princess!

    Please note: the other two guys are Sam and Dean Winchester, two characters on Supernatural. There's a running joke in the Supernatural fandom that as the seasons have gone by, Sam's hair has gotten progressively longer and shaggier. Thus, if you're part of the SuperWhoAvengeLock fandom, it's hilarious. (Shout out to all the Supernatural fans who caught the reference I just made.)


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