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    The Cast Of "Captain America: Civil War" Dominated Tumblr With An Epic Q&A

    The most amazing Answer Time in superhero history.

    We had the cast of Captain America: Civil War take over BuzzFeed's Tumblr to answer any and all questions you had for the actors. Here are some of their answers:

    1. I'm not on any team, so what are you going to offer me to choose a side? —thequeenofgood

    2. How will Bucky celebrate his 99th birthday? Which is today BTW. —bisexualhorrorstory

    3. Do you honestly think Steve wouldn't swear/would be bothered by swearing? That guy fought in WWII, let's be serious. —Anonymous

    4. Dear Chris Evans, If you had to use three words to describe the relationship between Steve and Sam, what would they be? —Anonymous

    5. If your crew was a family, who would be in the roles of mom and dad? —pinkparadox-anime

    6. Sum up Civil War in three words. —marvelousmylife

    7. What would you say to convince me to join your team?

    8. If Tony has a Dora watch, what character would Steve's watch be? —hisbuck

    9. If you were given the opportunity to build a mixtape for Captain America: Civil War movie, what songs would you add and why? —your-seme

    10. What does Robert geek out about? What does Tony geek out about?

    11. I actually dumped someone because they were Team Iron Man and I'm Team Cap. Is that bad? —ragingbrunette

    12. What pop song do you think would be your character's guilty pleasure? —tychalla

    13. What is one thing you would change about Iron Man's suit?

    14. Which team do you guys think would beat the other at karaoke? —nkicks

    Don't miss Captain America: Civil War in theaters May 6!

    Questions have been edited for clarity and/or length.