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    The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Could Soon Be An Endangered Breed


    Despite their fame and popularity on the internet, the Pembroke Welsh corgi is currently on the Kennel Club's "Watch List" due to dwindling numbers.


    This means that corgis could soon be an endangered breed.

    Yes, you read that correctly. ENDANGERED.

    A breed is considered endangered when it has fewer than 300 puppy registrations per year, and by early December, corgis had only 301.


    The Pembroke Welsh corgi is famously the favourite breed of the Queen. She bloody loves corgis.

    The Queen used to breed corgis and has owned over 30 in her life, but stopped breeding them in 2009 as she "didn't want them to suffer the pain of being orphaned if they outlived her."

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    One is very thoughtful.

    Corgis used to have a reputation for being "snappy" but the Queen has defended them in the past, saying: "They're very easy to keep clean and tidy. They don't mind being parked with other people."


    Take that, haters.

    It's thought the decline in corgis is due to the popularity of smaller breeds, such as pugs and chihuahuas.

    A 2007 ban on "tail-docking" may have also contributed to the smaller amount of corgis being bred.

    "We're going to have to look at either bringing in frozen semen from abroad or bringing dogs in from say places like America and the Continent."

    Obviously, corgis everywhere are shocked and confused by this worrying news.

    How could something so adorable be so close to becoming endangered?!

    Save the corgis!

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