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    26 Things That Prove Pizza Is Essential To Feminism

    A ***Flawless combination.

    1. This very important t-shirt.

    2. This article in which Hello Giggles writer Jocelyn Doyle had no choice but to eat an entire pizza in the name of feminism.

    "We usually recommend that ladies share them with someone."

    My smile freeze-dries onto my face, hardening into steely, stubborn resolve. They recommend that LADIES share them?! His patronising smirk lingers in anticipation of my weak, womanly defeat.

    "I'll be fine. I can manage a pizza." I say, as politely as I can while I feel like throwing my shoe at his head."

    3. The fact that this Tumblr exists.

    4. This misandrous sweater.

    Look Human

    5. This patch.

    lucynical / Etsy

    6. This iPhone case.

    Look Human

    7. These sassy "best friend" pins.

    LiaLane / Etsy

    8. This casual bit of badass artwork.

    Wish Candy

    "Badasses need rest too."

    9. This sex-positive cross-stitch.

    HeadStitchInCharge / Etsy

    10. This bit of helpful advice.

    Look Human

    11. This poignant GIF.

    Ambivalently Yours /

    Also, more pizza.

    12. This empowering drawing.

    Donyatodd / Etsy

    She's a princess who dreams of pizza, not princes.

    13. That time Beyoncé wore this outfit.

    EM43 / Splash News


    14. ...And pulled a large, combination pizza out of her hair in the middle of a dance routine in front of a live audience*.


    15. When Jennifer Lawrence said this.

    Where is the pizza?

    16. This tattoo.

    17. This tank-top.

    Feminist Apparel /

    Not even cheese.

    18. That time Gaming Goddess Felicia Day ate a slice of pizza like this.

    Team Husbands /

    19. Mystic Pizza.

    Night Life Inc


    20. This cross-stitch.

    21. This person's official list of hobbies.

    22. When Lorelai and Rory Gilmore once described pizza as a "religion" and "lifestyle".

    The WB /

    23. That time Lena Dunham revealed her doctor once prescribed her pizza.

    24. Everything about this photo.

    25. And this one.

    Ouzounova / Splash News

    "One large pepperoni pizza, but HOLD the PATRIARCHY."

    26. And finally, this historical evidence that the Suffragettes fueled-up on pizza before their major demonstrations.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images/caimacanul/GooDween123/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

    "BRB just carb-loading before we break through these constrictive gender stereotypes."

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