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26 Things That Prove Pizza Is Essential To Feminism

A ***Flawless combination.

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"We usually recommend that ladies share them with someone."

My smile freeze-dries onto my face, hardening into steely, stubborn resolve. They recommend that LADIES share them?! His patronising smirk lingers in anticipation of my weak, womanly defeat.

"I'll be fine. I can manage a pizza." I say, as politely as I can while I feel like throwing my shoe at his head."


16. This tattoo. / Matt Cannon

23. That time Lena Dunham revealed her doctor once prescribed her pizza.

According to Dunham: "Long day involving a rash and several blows to the head. Called the doctor and he prescribed this special medicine..."


24. Everything about this photo.

(Yes. She is a feminist. She's TRYING OK??)

26. And finally, this historical evidence that the Suffragettes fueled-up on pizza before their major demonstrations.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images/caimacanul/GooDween123/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

"BRB just carb-loading before we break through these constrictive gender stereotypes."