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    15 Reasons To Hop On For Season 2 Of Lil Dicky's Show "Dave"

    "When did I make the transition from cute to hot?"

    If you were one of the many folks sucked into season 1 of FXX's Dave (a lightly fictionalized version of the ascent of rapper Lil Dicky), then you've probably been hotly anticipating season 2.

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    Season 1 was the most-watched FX comedy ever! (Yes, we were all inside due to COVID, but still.) 

    Dave's debut season was shockingly poignant, and simultaneously full of belly laughs, and while Season 2 has taken a couple episodes to get up to speed, it seems to have reached cruising altitude.

    Dave in a stripy patterned sweatsuit, smiling, doing a dance move with one fist in the air
    Byron Cohen / ©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

    If you're as yet uninitiated, let me lay out some reasons to get on board with FXX's Dave this summer.

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    1. Because Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, is hilarious.

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    He's a champ at poking fun at his own neuroses for everyone to chuckle at, and he simultaneously manages to be a giant narcissist (a juxtaposition that's funny in itself). 

    2. It gives you a peek at what life is like on the precipice of fame...

    Dave sitting on the ledge of a pool talking to Hailey Bieber in the water
    Byron Cohen / ©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Dave's overarching M.O. is to prove himself as the greatest rapper in the world (no matter what the cost), and it's illuminating to be a fly on the wall as he shakily climbs the ladder of success. 

    3. And illustrates what life can be like when you stay laser-focused on your goals.

    Dave sitting in a chair with his arms up and articulating what he's saying
    ©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

    He definitely ruffles some feathers on the way, but it's inspiring to witness the tenacity of a dude who won't take "no" for an answer when it comes to getting his moment in the sun. 

    4. But we'll see where the self-absorption leads...

    FXX / Via

    Dave is definitely getting a bigger head as he gets a bigger name (and bigger house, more fans, etc.), and the show has explored a lot of the conflict inherent in putting the quest for fame before all else. I'm MJ-eating-popcorn over here waiting to see if Dave has to reckon with his growing arrogance as the season unfolds. 

    5. The show tackles serious subjects like mental health and racial tension.

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    Whether it's uncovering GaTa's bipolar disorder in season 1 or digging into Asian and Black appropriation in Season 2, Dave goes deeper than you might expect. Although the subjects are lofty, compassion and humor bring them down to earth. 

    6. Celebrity cameos out the bum.

    Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Elsie Hewitt in a pool with Benny Blanco, lounging on a float in the back with Dave sitting on the ledge
    Byron Cohen / ©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

    There's plenty of fluff too! Dave brings out the big guns, with folks like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber playing in the pool (plus hubby Justin and Kourtney Kardashian showed up in Season 1). Yet to come this season: Kevin Hart, Lil Nas X, and J Balvin.

    7. Oh, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in sweater and jeans with notepad sitting with Dave in sweatsuit on a bench outside
    Byron Cohen / ©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The legend gets in a ridiculously sticky mess thanks to Dave, and it's worth a watch (this season, Episode 4). 

    8. Plus Elz is super cute.

    FXX / Via

    One of Dave's besties, the unassuming Elz (played by Odd Future member Taco Bennett) isn't super prominent in the first chunk of Season 2, but god willing, he will be later on.

    9. Friends with benefits, friends with exes...all the iterations of friendship and romance show up.

    FXX / Via

    Whether it's Elz and Emma furtively boning once in a blue moon or Dave and Ally hammering out being friends after their relationship ends, it's heartening to see the sometimes awkward, sometimes rewarding, always realistic scenarios that pepper real-life journeys of earlyish adulthood. 

    10. It's full of examples of intimate, platonic male friendships.

    FXX / Via

    Benny Blanco and Dave are not shy at all about being physically affectionate with each other, and talk about it at length, normalizing bros bro-ing out in this fashion. GaTa and Dave don't have that at all, but they have each other's backs through mental traumas and all the ups and downs. Dave's other friendships run the gamut from GaTa to Benny, all with real care and intimacy at the core. 

    11. The trajectory of Dave's "straight-man" manager, Mike.

    12. Dave's beats.

    FXX / Via

    Throughout the show, you'll get snippets of songs through Dave performing, making music videos, or sharing tracks with his team. Often the credits let us in on a full-scale tune, and, heck, the Lil Dicky–style beats go hard. 

    13. Dave's beat-offs.

    FXX / Via

    Whether you're as serious about skeetin' as Dave is, the show gives you a peek at various off-the-beaten-path (lol) implements for self-love that you probably didn't know existed. 

    14. Each episode works as a stand-alone comedic adventure.

    15. It's just weird.

    FXX / Via

    At times it's super crude — at times, it's extremely vulnerable and sensitive. You have no idea where it'll go from one scene to the next, but that keeps things exciting!

    Dave airs on FXX Wednesdays at 10 p.m. and streams on Hulu. Have you hopped on board the Dave express? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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