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16 Of The Best “Jeopardy,” “Family Feud,” And “Wheel Of Fortune” Moments Of 2015

Yup, that happened. It all happened.

1. When a dad on Family Feud talked about a woman's erotic zones and his daughter couldn't deal:

Family Feud / Via

Well, that daughter is scarred for life. But at least Steve Harvey is happy, and, really, that's all that matters.

2. When Tom Flynn stole our Jeopardy-loving hearts:

Via Twitter: @truthisnikkirox

Be still, my heart. (Also, sorry you didn't win, Tom.)

3. When a Wheel of Fortune contestant wouldn't stop guessing "the pointed desert":

ABC / Via

He was told that "the pointed desert" was not the correct answer — and the woman before him was told that, too — but he just had to say it again.

4. When a Jeopardy contestant got Alex Trebek to say "Turd Ferguson":

ABC / Via

Sure, Talia Lavin might have lost the game, but she won at the game of trolling Alex Trebek.

5. When, you know, a Family Feud contestant said one might find a gerbil in someone else's body:


Looks like Darci Circuit might have spent some time reading about that Richard Gere rumor.

6. When a Price Is Right model accidentally gave away a $21,960 car:


Manuela Arbelaez' friend: "How was your day, Manuela?"

Manuela: "Oh, you know, not good."

7. When a Price Is Right model accidentally started breaking things on set, and then a contestant thought she had broken the set:


Amber Lancaster's friend: "How was your day, Amber?"

Amber: "Better than Manuela's day."

8. When a woman decided to go with the letters "X" and "Z" when playing Wheel of Fortune:

ABC / Via

Either Nura froze in middle of the game and couldn't think of any classic Wheel of Fortune letters, or she was being a class act and letting the two other guys win some money.

9. When things got super creepy on Jeopardy when a contestant's "age of consent" knowledge was so wrong:

ABC / Via

Oof. Just... oof.

10. When a Family Feud contestant got real candid about his sex life with his wife:

11. When Alex Trebek was super cool and rapped the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song: / Via

We knew he had it in him. Go, Trebek!

12. When a woman who uses a wheelchair won a treadmill on The Price Is Right:

But, listen, Danielle was all about that treadmill. She laughed it up on Twitter.

13. When a Jeopardy contestant made Alex Trebek chuckle with her "pansy" answer:

After Trebek revealed the correct answer is "the bleeding heart," he said, "I have a feeling you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country."

14. When a Wheel of Fortune contestant was a complete genius and guessed the puzzle with only one letter:

ABC / Via

Yeah, Rufus deserves to celebrate because that's just amazing.

15. When Matt Jackson's "slow smile" hypnotized us all:

And our returning champion... Matt "The reason you stopped going to game night" Jackson. #Jeopardy

The slow-smile that won a total of $411,612 in the span of 13 games. You keep doing you, Matt.

16. And when the Price Is Right announcer hilariously fell off a treadmill:

The Price Is Right / Via

But look how he keeps on holding his microphone. He might be in pain, but his announcing duties aren't over.

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