35 Behind-The-Scene Photos From "The Office" That You've Probably Never Seen Before

    So many Office memories!

    1. Look at how cute the cast is during their DAY ONE table read!!!

    2. And look at these young Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak faces:

    Flashback Fridayz courtesy of @jennafischer

    3. Here's another one of the cast hanging out during Season 1 (and yes, that's Phyllis' finger blocking some of the lens):

    4. Here's Angela Kinsey and Rainn Wilson just chillin' during "Beach Day":

    5. And here's Steve Carell just hanging out with Rashida Jones on set:

    6. Check out this cute photo booth pic Jenna put up in her trailer:

    This photo strip hangs in My BFF @jennafischer's trailer. #sappytweet #theoffice

    7. And look at Angela and Jenna on the set of "The Booze Cruise," when Angela found out she was going to be a series regular on the show!

    8. Look! Here's Bryan Cranston directing a freakin' episode of The Office:

    9. And here are some notes that Oscar and Angela used to pass back and forth to each other while filming! Apparently they didn't have any active computers during the first year, so they had to find another way to keep busy:

    10. But once they got computers that worked, Oscar liked to watch sporting events during filming:

    11. Here's Kate Flannery getting some coffee on set:

    Happy Valentine's Day from the very festive set of #theoffice!

    12. And here are Ed Helms and Rainn just doing normal Christmas stuff:

    Christmas past with @rainnwilson & @edhelms. #theoffice

    13. Look at Ed directing an episode of the show!

    "ACTION!" Director @edhelms hamming it up on #theoffice set. ;)

    14. And how about our beloved John Krasinski also directing?!

    Very fun episode of The Office tonight directed by some guy named John Krasinski. I make him look great.

    15. Aww, just look at Jenna and John making each other laugh during filming:

    16. And then here's David Denman and Craig Robinson hanging out on set!

    17. Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at how they got Phyllis to carry Angela down the aisle:

    18. Here's Jenna photobombing during the filming of that episode where they all worked from a bus for the day:

    19. Look at these delightful Halloween costumes!!!

    20. Here's Angela having some fun, while hanging out near their trailers:

    Dork #1 #theoffice http://t.co/VsSsWTDdE0

    21. And here's Oscar having some fun with her:

    Dork #2...Oscar! #theoffice http://t.co/fZbUBILwTm

    22. Take a peek at their shooting schedule. It's no joke!

    23. Speaking of jokes, The Office writer's room is full of 'em:

    24. Here's the happy family we'd all love to join:

    25. Here's Angela getting fitted for a prosthetic leg that was never used on the show:

    26. Inspect this close-up of the punch card Angela and Dwight used when they were contractually obligated to make a baby:

    27. Here's one of Pam's skirts that we hope has found happiness after retirement:

    Wow! I guess we really are getting close to the end of The Office. My clothes are retiring!

    28. Look at Creed just chillin' in the back by himself:

    #tbt with @creedbratton @johnkrasinski @MrCraigRobinson & @BBBaumgartner :) #theoffice

    29. Here's Angela and Rainn looking very married:

    30. Look at Kate Flannery filming her final talking head!

    31. Here's Creed showing off his love of music to Angela:

    The cast is trading photos, and I'm getting emotional. It's almost over. @AngelaKinsey #TheOffice

    32. And here's his desk, where he used to play solitaire during filming!

    A Saturday at #TheOffice. Working #overtime to finish the last few episodes, and refining my solitaire skills.

    33. Check out this small clip of the wrap party:

    See my side of the story at the #scrantonwrapparty. After 9 years together, these people are my family. #theoffice http://t.co/tir7ZcKPNd

    34. Here's the entire Office cast and crew on their last day:

    35. And finally, here's the cast shooting the final scene of the series: