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Chrome Extension Highlights Alt-Right Vocabulary

For the past eight months, I've studied the alt-right. Francis Tseng and I built a Chrome extension to highlight words that have special meaning in their online forums.

carolinesinders One year ago

Analyzing URLs Between Pro–Donald Trump And The Alt-Right Subreddits

As part of a larger body of research on online hate speech, and the alt-right, my collaborator Francis Tseng and I wanted to analyze the overlap between two subreddits: r/The_Donald and the (now-banned) r/altright.

carolinesinders 2 years ago

How To Train An Algorithm To Understand A Hurricane

My collaborator and I trained a neural net on images I've taken of my family for the past 13 years, since Hurricane Katrina. Can you teach an algorithm emotions and poetry? We explored.

carolinesinders 2 years ago

Wikimedia And The Open Lab

Wikimedia and continuing my Open Lab research.

carolinesinders 2 years ago

I Created A Secret Twitter Account To Follow The Alt Right

My research project for the Open Lab is to study the alt-right through digital ethnography, and that means going to where they are.

carolinesinders 2 years ago

What Is Doxxing Called On Sino-Weibo?

Researching Online Harassment in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney

carolinesinders 2 years ago

Conversation is hard. Designing algorithms around it is evening harder

Can machine learning and algorithms help mitigate online harassment in the commenting sections?

carolinesinders 2 years ago