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    10 Of The Most Bizarre, And Occasionally Unethical, Reality Shows To Ever Grace Our Television Sets

    I can't believe some of these shows were even allowed to be aired...

    These days nothing is off limits for reality T.V. If you can imagine it, there's probably been a reality show about it. Here are 10 of the most bizarre, unethical, or just plain trashy reality TV shows to ever grace our televisions sets.

    1. Cheaters

    2. I Wanna Marry Harry

    A man who looks like prince harry (but honestly not THAT much like prince harry) surrounded by a group of adoring women

    3. Next

    two next contestants, one a 21 year old man named stache who's a proud vegetarian, lives in a christian fraternity house, and is afraid of muppets, and a woman named shannon who loves to freestyle rap in her care and is afraid of not going to heaven

    4. Best Funeral Ever

    best funeral ever written out as a flower arrangement

    5. Kid Nation

    a group of kids in bandanas who look kind of over it cooking a meal in a dilapidated barn

    6. Bridalplasty

    Four brides, one holding a bouquet or scalpels, needles, scissors, and syringes

    7. The Swan

    A perfectly beautiful woman on the left wearing glasses, a ponytail, and a t-shirt, and that same woman on the right with a blowout, pearls, and a full face of makeup

    8. The OCD Project

    9. Toddler and Tiaras

    A toddler saying i'm tired of this pageant can I get some chicken nuggets

    10. Buying Naked

    A for sale sign that says buying naked